Why CAN'T 4 AND 5 Star players make it at BYU under Bronco Mendenhall?

" Mendenhall also offered more insight into what led to Williams leaving the program.

“Yes, it was my decision on Jamaal,” he said. “That’s the great thing about what’s happening at BYU and through my tenure, the establishment of trust and the best way is that when I know first and the player and I can work it out and then make recommendations.

If we really believe in the scriptures, "Judge not, lest ye be judged, is it time to judge the judger of Jaamal Williams?

Why do we alway shoot ourselves in the foot? Are we that afraid of success? Angry ? Yes !!!

Not a reply, but a continuation:

" Running backs coach Mark Atuaia seemed less certain about the possibility of Williams’ return. “We’ll let it play out,” he said."

Me too Ronald. I’m sure we’ve seen the last of Jamaal, and its really sad. The truth is, its not going to change any time soon. The culture at BYU is too demanding for someone coming out of a lot of neighborhoods where these guys come from, and BYU refuses to make any accommodations, even demanding tighter standards from its students than for LDS church members. Its absurd. The football team is somehow expected to win when they virtually tie the hands of the players and coaches, and do so intentionally. This is not a recipe for success and its not going to change. It seems to be what most BYU fans want though. Lavell is gone, and I’m afraid our best days are behind us.As things currently stand, no coach is likely to do any better than Bronco.


I agree with you.

I look at schools like ND, Boston College, Baylor, TCU that all have high standards and are very respected faith based Universities.

These schools do not make players, not of their faith, pretend to believe, think, act, and be like those of their faith.

Why must we expect a Catholic to act like a Mormon, or a Methodist or Baptist, or other Christian denomination or perhaps an Atheist or Agnostic?

We had BYU players transfer to ND, and we had other LDS players go directly to ND, but they were not expected to go to confusion just because they played football there.

I think that living a good life according to the teachings of the Church they come from should be accepted as honorable in our honor code. I think that their own Churches would see us as more honorable if we adopted this policy.

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Ron … I think that posts like this keep 4 and 5 star players from even considering BYU. Thanks for adding to the value statement …

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Mike H: Explain yourself in detail. Tell me more about how non-members like Jamaal are treated or expected to act at BYU. Be specific. Tell me what you know, not what you believe may be the situation.

Ron: What do you want, a double standard for non-members at BYU? I came to BYU as a non-member and was expected to live the HC and LDS standards. That is part of coming to BYU. Yes, there is repentance and we all can get counseling and guidance, but BYU is the flagship school of the LDS Church. You talk about ND, TCU and other schools. I don’t think that anybody is given the standards that we have at BYU. Catholics don’t have a Word of Wisdom. TCU is a non-denominational Christian School. Baylor is a Baptist school. None of these schools have the standards that the LDS Church have. Alcohol is a casual practice in all of these schools. They all have a very lenient moral code when compared to BYU. The Sabbath practice is very liberal when compared to the LDS Church. Just remember, BYU and the LDS Church has the restored Gospel and its standards compared to the rest of the world. Perhaps Liberty University and maybe Bob Jones University are the only schools that have similar standards as BYU and the LDS Church.

All the schools you name Ron have standards but they are not the standards of the Church and BYU. Either we live by those standards and experience the consequences (GOOD as well as bad) or we (men and women) denounce the gospel centered standards we vocalize we believe and will keep. I want the football team to be the very best it can be and will criticize what I believe are mistakes in running and managing the team. However, the standards are the standards established by the Lord’s servants and should NOT be changed to improve sporting activities. If changing the standards to get more wins occurred, I would be one happy alum and Church member. If other schools are more exciting to you, there are options available to you.


I think that I would be very, very, very careful about saying that Religious Institutions, i.e. Boston College, Baylor, TCU, ND, SMU, Prespartarian, and all the other faith based institutions do not have as high of moral standards in their institutions that we at BYU has.

Such comments could bring about far more damage than any in-house constructive criticism which will hopefully lead to opening minds for positive change.

One man’s treasure may be another man’s trash and vice a versa.

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On the most part, I agree with you and I do appreciate the respect that you give in the areas that you do not agree with me. Thank you.

I would like to give examples of the type of changes that I am looking for, by quoting what the New Pope, Frances, has said recently soon after he became the New Pope.

" I do not believe in a Catholic God" “I believe in a God of all people.” ( I like that).

“I am not changing doctrine with what I am about to tell you.” I am only changing the direction which I believe we should be headed,"

"I believe we spend to much time arguing over issues like “The Right To Choose and the Gay issues, when that time and that energy would be better spent, helping those that are unable to help themselves” Do good onto others.

My point is that we do not change our beliefs or our priorities, but we examine the way we expose those beliefs and priorities.

ND does not force LDS players to take Catechism in college or go to Confession. That does not mean that they do not believe in taking Catechism or in going to confession. They do expect the athletes to live an honorable life that would not bring shame to the University.

ND does not force LDS to take wine for sacrament, but they do encourage them to live an honorable life and not bring shame or embarrassment to the University.

The same type of things can be said about Boston College,. Baylor, TCU, SMU,
and the many other Catholic Universities and Methodist and Baptist Universities.

We do not need to feel that we are diluting our faith and our beliefs by giving others, not of our faith, their own free agency to abide by them or not, as long as they live an honorable life and do not become an embarrassment to the University.

So am I asking for double standards? Nol !!!

I am saying that LDS students know what their standards are and they should continue living by those standards but at the same time, they must realize that non LDS kids that choose to share their 4 star / 45 star athletic abilities with us may do so without pretending to be a Mormon while they are with us, as long as the live an honorable life and bring no shame to the University.

In fact, they, with their free agency to choose how they live their honorable life without bringing embarrassment to the University, may actually make the University itself, look more honorable.

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