Why Hardnett is staying at BYU

  1. Rose is the right coach at the right time
  2. Hardnett’s family bent his ears
  3. Hardnett reads CougarFan.com
    A. His future is best at BYU
    B. Hardnett was being childish
    C. No other coach would take someone who is a threat to a coach with his mouth
    D. His personal support is best at BYU
    E.He needs to be a better team player
    F. Emery was never the problem
  4. He read and agreed to the wisdom of the Grasshopper.

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Ah…come on Floyd. My logic is undeniable. It’s so simple a child could figure out what is going on. By the way, yes, Emery is taking time away from Hardnett because he deserves the time. Personally, I think the starting lineup should be
1- Hardnett
2- Emery
3- Haws
4- Childs
5- Lee

First off the bench - Harding
Second off the bench - Baxter
Third off the bench - Nixon
Fourth off the bench - Bergeson
Fifth off the bench - Cameron
Then, whoever…Now, of course,
The order coming off the bench may be different based on fouls and other situations. There has to be some flexibility.

Since you and Rose are so close, why don’t you let him know what you think.

As far as your starting lineup and players first off the bench, I noticed that your favorite .player, Luke Worthington, is missing from the list.

It isn’t a bad list but you know it will never happen because Rose has lost his ability to coach without looking like a middle school PE teacher

Take out Lee and replace him with Harding and run 4 guards and Childs. It improves your team quickness and ft as Lee is terrible at the line. Try to work in Nixon at several positions to give rest and the same with Seljaas. Get Baxter at least ten minutes a game subbing for Childs and whoever needs the rest. That gives you 9 deep. I’m almost thinking Bergeson is better than Seljaas so that’s a close one. Let Worthington cheer lead and when BYU demolishes Portland don’t blog and say how great BYU is. Portland is the worst in the WCC

Yet, all teams in the WCC are much improved. If we do the right things then that will be a positive regardless of who we play.

The Truth shall set you free!

Our best line up is TJ, Childs, Harding, Hardnett, Seljass for length and 3s or Emery if its a typical WCC team. Baxter needs to play ahead of Worthington, Time on the floor is all he lacks.

Lastly, Rose WAS a good coach before the Cancer years, in the MWC. Rose today, does not recruit outside of 50 miles, does not play defense, plays favorites, does not develop big men, does not adjust in game but other then that, Rose is a great coach

According to the BYU broadcasters (who knows if they know the truth) Baxter seems to be having problems adjusting after his mission (whatever that means). Just thought it weird last night, they seemed to be bagging on Baxter after he clanked his first FT…

Not sure it really matters… after TJ and Childs is there anyone really better than the other?

Danny Ainge was going to be one of the greatest coaches of all time before his abrupt retirement from coaching. As I understand it, he was gone from the home so much in the off season as well as in the season that he was having serious problems with at least one of his sons. So, he quit and took the Boston General Manager job so he could be at home a lot more.
I think the cancer did bring into clarity the purpose of life for him. He still travels but not nearly what he did before. Traveling tends to breed bad eating habits and it’s harder to take care of the body properly. But, his staff continues to travel and recruit. When they have a good one Rose travels for that good one like Hardnett Or Dastrup.
I would rather replace Sajless with Emery starting. Sejlass seems to play better coming off the bench and so does Hardnett for that matter. Starting Another guard for 3 to 5’minutes then bring Hardnett in for the rest of the game is what I would do.
TJ looked off last night due to the strange fouls the refs called. And, Emery has done mostly passing the ball since he got back. He takes very few shots. No hero ball.

Harding in one word. He guarded Portland’s best shooter. He adds length for defense and rebounding.

Look, I’m sorry I got on you about Hardnett, but he is a good kid and Rose just plain blew it in the MS game. We were blown out, and Rose took it out on Hardnett. Hardnett took it personally but Rose has got to understand “in the moment” better and know that playing in front of his family for the 1st and only time was a big deal to Hardnett.

I have already said way too much about Hardnett but I will say that Rose has run the program into the dirt by playing favorites. LP3 not only ran off great kids like Chatman, Beo, 4, Dastrup and others but just how many good recruits have said, 'No thanks" that we haven’t heard of?

What does this mean?

Refs make mistakes and the players need to adjust to the strange calls. Sound familiar? Why are you always flip flopping on your comments and ideas?

Also, I complimented you on your supposed lineup ideas and who comes off the bench and you said nothing. Do you only reply when someone exposes your comments as inane and inexplicably ridiculous?

You are right Chris. A veteran coach should know better. Rose’s actions were totally uncalled for and embarrassing. I know what it is like for a kid who has a coach that acts like that. A coach who has no relatioinship with his players ultimately loses his team or ends up having to play his favorites whether they have talent or not. How many coaches would choose Worthington over Dastrup? Only two that I know of and one of those was my kids high school coach…

Hardnett’s injury was a fake designed by Rose to help Jahshire from being embarrassed going forward. When did he hurt his wrist? Was it at the end of the Pacific game when he was hitting all those free throws? LOL!

I said it before and will say it again, Hardnett’s career at BYU is done. He will get very little playing time from here on. It will only be token minutes here and there. Great work Coach…

I believe there is and that comes in as Harding. For a freshman his bb is pretty astute. The most impressive thing, though, is his willingness to play within the team concept. Hardnett is a plus over Cannon. Bergeson seems a little more aggressive than Seljass. But, also, you do have a point😶

Time for a change Chris, but Holmoe may have jinxed that possibility for a couple of years

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Of course they have to adjust. TJ didn’t. So, he sat a lot and score little. Got some really nice assists to Yolie! He’s a beast! Sound familiar :slight_smile:
Yes, thanks for recognizing by enlightened understanding of line ups. :grimacing:

You are jumping the gun. A brace means it’s something that keeps him out of the game. He obviously did it in practice. Or, maybe punched the wall. Maybe was snow boarding or playing intramural football. He seemed fine at the game.

Ahhh…now we understand your feud with Rose. He reminds you of an incident with your son and naturally your son was the better athlete. Yet, who stayed on the team and who didn’t? Getting back at Rose won’t change what happened with your son.

He didn’t play a lot because he didn’t have to. BYU was up by 20 for most of the game.