Why we lost. One reason

Layups. We must have missed 8 - 10 give me layups. That’s 16 to 20 points. Forget about the refs and the flu.

Also, concerning the refs, we won the last two away games by 30+. It’s not the refs.

So the main reason for the loss was missing layups. Secondary reason, no effort on defense for most of the game. Third, poor preparation to control Daves.

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We have struggled to finish at the rim for years. Last night was particularly bad.

yeah… just another disappointing performance from a team that continues to search for an identity. BYU did nothing to control the tempo or dictate how this game would go. That should never happen at home. Once they got behind, they pressed the tempo and never got into a rhythm.

There were other things but missing layups is a result of not controlling the game flow and tempo. It happens when you are pressing the action and feeling anxious… as if every basket is win or lose the game type stuff.

I didn’t say it was ALL WCC refs–I said it was THAT WCC ref. Refs are not above bias and lack of character, just like any of us. I was courtside for the Gonzaga game and the refs were incredibly good considering the atmosphere and close game. I was close two nights later vs UP and it was night and day when the guy from last night (the taller of the two dark haired guys) worked the game and made every effort to influence the outcome; the UP players were literally laughing as Wintering flopped over and over again the the ref called fouls every time. Maybe the guy is a skilled ref in another environment, but if he lacks the character to leave his bias out of it (and all I’ll say is it’s no secret that guy has a problem with Coach Rose and BYU), the WCC should simply not assign him to work our games (Big Nose too, but that’s another post). Last night, aside from the at least 5 hard shooting fouls not given to Haws and Winder in the 2nd half alone, ZERO Pepperdine fouls in the first18 minutes of a PHYSICAL, defensive game was nothing more than a planned, concerted effort to affect the outcome, and I stand by that. Back in the old WAC days, the infamous Moose Stoobing didn’t like BYU, but he left it at the door and was a good ref. Thank you for enduring my tirade :slight_smile:


I watched most of the Gonzaga game and can back you up about the calls. It looked to be to be called fairly. I’ve always questioned games where one side gets virtually no calls and the other one gets everything.

BYU needs to get inside. Only Winder drives to the basket regularly. But we surely had a 5 on 8 ball game last night with out of control officials.

collinsworth was ill, no pop otherwise he would have taken over like he normally does.

That Waves game last night was certainly a case of the “ugly” WCC refereeing that they are legendary for. Haws will be in a ice bath for a day or two after the mugging.

I can’t wait for BYU to leave this rec league.

At that level, it should be done in their sleep! No excuses pressed or not pressed. Perhaps the flu caused the misses. Just not enough energy. No, I’m not buying that and I hope the players don’t use that as an excuse. We simply came out sluggish with 3 days to prepare. Just not acceptable. KC not starting the second half? What’s up with that?

Haws has to be the most upset. He worked as hard as I’ve seen this year. But, no one worked hard along with him. Oh, Kaufusi was trying hard. But, the others weren’t. Defense was pathetic until we got to about 4 minutes of losing the game. Even then, how many offensive rebounds did we allow them? We should have won that game at the end.

They won’t be leaving any time soon. If they can’t win in this league, then why do you think it will be better somewhere else? It wasn’t with the MWC.

Yes, the referees were pathetic in the first half. But, both ways. That isn’t why we lost. Not by a long shot. Missing layup after layup is the primary reason. Playing weak defense until 4 minutes left in the game is the secondary reason.

I agree. Winder should have done a lot more of it. But, he also wasn’t as effective at it last night and got caught a few times. And for the most part they collapsed well against us. They were flat out prepared for us. We were not prepared for them. Physically and mentally.

Ya, I’m more interested on why BYU came out lethargic. No effort to guard anyone either. No blocking out. Except for Haws, no one was going after loose balls. No concentration on outside shooting. That 3 point shot Fischer took towards the end where he missed left by a foot tells the story.

But, more important was all the missed layups. Regardless of the referee, make half of the 8 or 10 layups and we win pulling away…

There were several “missed layups” where the player was fouled too. I saw Davis block Haws on one layup and there was lots of contact even though the block was clean. Haws went crashing to the floor and there was no call. When is the last time you saw a BYU team shoot 8 free throws in a game? Why did Pepperdine get 20? They weren’t driving to the basket or going inside more necessarily… they just got the contact calls and BYU didn’t.

That shouldn’t happen and certainly not at home.

I believe BYU should have done enough to overcome the officiating that led to them taking only 8 free throws (Haws 2 ft’s with all the shots he took is ridiculous) because I thought there were some bad coaching decisions or bad player decisions that the coach didn’t correct.

One of those was Worthington getting 17 minutes of basically nothing and Nielson getting 2 minutes of more productive time.

nice rant… I was too busy scratching my head at the combination of players on the floor and the rotations, along with the baffling man defense that was about as weak as it could be… no help, easy drives to the basket for Pepperdine and the big men being abused as they tried to guard Davis 25’ away from the basket.

They should have tried trapping more to create turnovers or something…

All that being said, the officiating was not the best. How BYU got to the free throw line only 8 times I don’t know. That has to be a season low…

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Yeh the enitre game was hard for me to watch from the get-go…I want to blame the refs and I think the officiating was biased, but hey it’s a home game and in my mind, it was a poor effort. Maybe they thought Pepperdine was going to roll over and started out with poor defensive intensity and then started trying to press to much. Two things were reaffirmed in my mind-Kyle, flu or not, is not ready for the NBA this year and BYU again, made critical poor decisions in the last minute of the game. Down one with a little under a minute left, Kaufusi’s foul was not a smart play. If they missed you would have 20 seconds on the shot clock to get the winning basket-if they made it you are still down 3 with a chance to tie. Being in the double bonus probably assures Pepperdine they would at least get one and they ended up getting both. I know some will disagree with me, but hey that’s what opinions are about. I would have taken the last possession and not been forced to intentionally foul.

Stop and consider for just a moment that Rose was handcuffed by team sickness. Combinations on the floor??? Some guys maybe were too sick to even dress but did so. Enough of this rant against Rose and several sick players! Any healthy team has a huge advantage over a sick team. Rose is NOT going to mention the flu unless it was really bad.

Guys were sick…give it a rest already!

8 to 10 layups missed. Sick or healthy, that should not have happened. It’s been going on for a while too. Not just the last game.