Why we lost........!

2200 mile travel ending up with jet lag for both the players and the coaches.

Defense never changed and never swarmed. Players were running slow.

Offense play calling was worst of the year. The last play exemplifies this passing play two yards short.

Why did we punt in the second to last possession? And time outs called were at bad times.

You touched on some of the many issues in this game and in spite of all the bad things we saw it is amazing that BYU ended up 2 yards short of a win.

It was one of the worst BYU games I have seen in a while. They looked awful in so many areas, especially on defense with the linebackers. They were terrible.

Not impressed with Coastal Carolina like many of the rest of the posters here. Their coaches had a good game plan and the officials played into that plan so good for them.

Crickets on this board right now…