Williams has withdrawn from school

according to radio station 1280 The Zone in Salt Lake. The report said that Williams has withdrawn from school and will redshirt the 2015 season. Well, bummer. Wonder what is going on. Healing or . . .

I hate to suggest that Jammal might be kicked out of school and the ‘personal reasons’ statement is a civil way to enforce school rules, but…

If this is an honor code issue, not saying that it is, then i certainly commend byu for the way they are dealing with it.

It apoears as though times have changed with byu political procedures. Long gone (hopefully) are the days of the public witch burnings festered on by story starved media outlets… Davies, Unga, and others were victims, and made examples of by the over ambitious honor code cronies. Social media is just brutal nowadays and it’s been time for honor code committee changes for forever now.

I wish the best for J.W. and hope he makes it back into a cougar uniform next year. Until then, it looks like it’s time for Adam Hine to get his much earned shot at success.

It’s going to be a great year, I feel, even without #21, but he will be sorely missed.

Good post about Jamal, I really liked what you said and how you said it in the post. I agree completely. I just hope that we still can get Jamal back in 2016. He is not only a great football player and a great athlete, but he is a leader and a team motivator. Our prayers are with you Jamal. Please come back in 2016. We love you and we need you on the BYU football team.