Wilson is starting!

So, I was correct that Wilson would be the starter. Now, hope he can pick apart Hawaii!

It made no sense at all when lots of BYU fans and commentators said that Tanner should start and play for a quarter or 2 and then insert Wilson. Just a really bad football knowledge comment. He will make some mistakes but the team is behind him and if he engineers a TD in the first quarter … we will see confidence and athletic ability on the field for the first time in 2 years at the QB position.

Good start! We need to recover those fumbles!

How about that!!! Can we keep it up on both sides of the ball?

Well, I know there are very unknowlwdgable football people who love watching the games, but there is no better example of a player who plays better when the lights come on for the game than Wilson is right now. He is a leader and he should have started game one this year! Jalen Hall is just as good as Wilson and both are better than Tanner at making plays with their feet and their arms. Wilson needs to get a little confidence with the deep throw and we will have a legit QB on our hands for the next 3 years. This should give our defense some energy.

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He has to pay more attention to the defense and how they are defending Bushman. Hawaii is pretty stupid going for 4th downs.