Wilson to the Jets - 2nd pick

Highest draft pick ever for BYU player. Watch him turn around the Jets!

The Jets need a lot more than a quarterback to turn things around. There is a reason they were picking second, they won 2 games last season, only 1 more win than the Jaguars, who picked first.

I feel bad for Wilson, unless they get some players around him, he won’t last more than a couple seasons… Tom Brady was the 199th pick 21 seasons ago. It is a lot different playing for the Patriots than it is playing for the Jets.

The 2nd pick was an OL from USC that will start immediately. They are going to get good players for him…

agreed. Some franchises are just a train wreak and they seem to reside in NY. The Knicks and the Jets. It’s all about egos and management.

The Giants? They have won the Super Bowl… New York has other systemic problems for sure!

Before you all get caught up saying Wilson’s professional career won’t last, while it seems likely, the Jets do have a new head coach. I am not saying Wilson will succeed, I am just saying there is hope.

I believe the Jets also have a new General Manager too.

Remember Steve Young end up at Tampa and everything wasn’t working and Steve got transfer to 49ers.
So it is up to New York Jets to organize their program during game. We all know quarterback can’t get the job done by himself

I agree. Wilson has a bright future but I doubt it will be with the Jets. Yes, they have a new coach and he is a former DC from the 49ers who is very good. I just hope they get the right pieces in place, something management hasn’t been able to do for quite awhile.

On a different note, I am disappointed by what I am seeing in the draft. The vast majority of the players are coming from Alabama. That program has become nothing more than a farm for the NFL and I think it lessens the potential for parity. One thing I know it has done is eliminate the possibility of a non P5 team ever playing for a national championship and ensure they never will.

So, with all the P5 leagues, how did Alabama get so good? Probably like Gonzaga having coaching that prepares kids for the NBA. Not sure what you can do about this. Force blacks out of the south? Limit the number of blacks on any one team? Somehow I don’t think that would go over well.

I guess their could be salary limits on coaches. But that seems unfair as well. So, how does this change? Do you have some ideas other than the usual “good grief knucklehead.”

What in the world are you talking about? Why did you go all racial over it?

I don’t have any ideas on what can be done, how do you reverse it at this point? Whatever… you are still a knucklehead. :joy:

UPDATE: Eight BYU players receive NFL free-agent agreements after five Cougars drafted | byucougars.com

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