Wilson top 10 pick?

Looks like a foregone conclusion that this is our last year with Zack Wilson as byu qb. Wilson is projected to be the 3rd or 4th qb drafted. Lot of teams needing a quarterback too. Hopefully the 49ers get him. I know they are very interested… He could do great things there. 3 teams i know for sure are gunning for him. San Francisco, Minnesota, and Chicago. We can only hope and pray that he doesn’t end up in the windy city. Chicago is a disaster.

Wish we had him for next year’s schedule, but he’s going to be in the NFL. He’ll be drafted in the top 15 for sure.

I personally don’t see him going that high… 1) there are two many QB’s in the draft that are basically better than he is 2) like you said, he has not proven anything against better talent.

I am being realistic, but my “Fandom” hopes that Wilson goes that high… Then I can wait and see what all the Utah Trolls in the comment section of the local paper has to say… LOL

He certainly passes the eye test. He has all the physical tools of a great QB. He was up and down until this year and BYU hasn’t played anybody with defense outside of Boise but the NFL often drafts people based on arm strength, quick release, mobility. He has all of those attributes in abundance. Based on what I have seen he probably has more raw overall talent than any BYU QB ever considering a combination of all the physical talents . That doesn’t mean he is the best just the most physically gifted in my opinion.

Ya, Yoli Child’s thought he was going to be drafted too. John Walsh. Relax, he’s a kid and may love his time at BYU.

I don’t think those other QBs are better. Time will tell. It’s really how much upside they have and seeing this is the first great season for Zack, he has a lot more upside than some of the others.

Yeah, well that’s basketball. The nba is very selective with their criteria: size, speed, athletic ability, it pretty much pencils out anybody that ever has or will go to byu.

Long gone are the specialist type player in the nba. Its become all about size and speed. Had Tyler Haws been about 25 percent bigger he could have been drafted.

Unless byu can somehow draft a zion williamson type of athlete, Europe will always be the destination of their players. Which is fine with me. The nba is ridiculous. I can’t even watch it anymore.

Football, however, is a different story. Its not so individualized like basketball is. Its more of a team sport.

Johnny One-Note at it again…

Anyone familiar with the phrase? My parents used it frequently to describe a person who says the same thing about similar situations every time. It seemed appropriate to use it on the hopper. :laughing:

Occam’s Razor. You always want to over think things. Life is very simple. You won’t get as many headaches. Like you used to do. Go for the simple conspiracy. :crazy_face:

I can give you 15 million reasons why Wilson is gone. Would love to see him in the Bay.

So, you are making the decisions for Wilson? That’s big if you.

I am sure Wilson is going to call Fish and ask him what he should do…

I wouldn’t make that bet. I think it is 50/50 he will be gone. If we get beat bad by a P5 or lose to SDSU his stock will drop significantly. He will be back.

I’ll be hoping for a loss then. Heheh.