Winder is a class act

It would be nice of our basketball and football teams had this attitude when they come here.

G, thanks for sharing the article!! I was in the basketball offices a couple months ago and bumped into Anson. I’d met him but had never really talked with him. I’m telling you, what a great kid! We chatted for 15-20 minutes. Funny, humble, and grateful for everything BYU has done for him. He graduated last year and is in his first year of a 2 year MPA program, which he is taking very seriously and intends to be back next year to finish. So many great athletes are spoiled, pampered, or both, pointing fingers or rushing to transfer at the first sign of adversity. But Anson eludes a confidence and humility that makes him come off as a very happy and very mature young man. PS if he and Ms. Gray get married and have kids, BYU should offer every one–boy or girl–a scholly at birth.

totally agree. Offer those kids before they are born