Winder starting vs. Portland

With how well he’s played this season, especially lately, it’s nice to see Anson Winder getting the start tonight vs. Portland. With 7 points and a 3-pointer so far in the first 10 minutes, it’s looking like a start decision. What do you think? Is Winder better utilized in the starting lineup or coming off the bench as a spark?

Post-game analysis: Winder more than earned that start tonight. He shot well - 10 of 14 from the field - and the spark he’s been adding off the bench translated well into the starting lineup. The four-guard lineup worked very well for BYU. The only concern with it was that there were only 2 points scored by a non-guard vs. Portland, by Kaufusi.

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Thanks Brandon for the feedback. I wasn’t able to watch the game tonight.

No problem. I got the chance to watch Anson extensively against Gonzaga, and while there were moments when BYU could have gotten a better shot than what he took, Anson was aggressive in that game, mostly in a positive way. He played all but one minute after entering the game just over five minutes in vs. the Zags. He has shown tremendous growth this season and deserves a chance in the starting lineup to show what he can do with it.

Hey Brandon. Thanks for your analysis on the game. Great game by Winder, in the starting lineup.

If we are talking about “earning” starts, then Winder earned that a long time ago. There might be two players you could argue he wouldn’t start over, Haws and KC, but that is it. He contributes more than any other players, including those two on occasion.

I still don’t understand why he started and then got pulled 4 minutes into the game.

Also, Bartley playing the last 18 seconds of the first half was strange. He never got in the game again…

Nixon and Toolson got more minutes than Bartley…