With ISU coming up, is there anything to talk about

well yeah, there is.

Three big names to start with:
Troy Warner NFL talent
Chris Wilcox NFL talent
Luc Andrada track star and a WR. BURNER

bunch more, a RB that can really help us so yes, I will be watching Podunk ISU just to see the RS players

I wish I knew more about why Braden Cosper is not playing… At Bingham High School, he was one of the main reasons they won State. Has good hands and technique.

maybe we will see him in the next few games.

Would do you think of Jamal Willis kid Sharman? He has done a good job at Corner.

He is talented but has been burned a few times. I like him a lot. Sitake should use the next two games to see what we have for next year.

I know everyone is high on Zac Wilson. But he dances too much around and takes forever to decide where he wants to go.

Prefer Romney, he gets rid of the ball quickly has a good feel for what to do.

28-3 at halftime. Zac did well after collecting rust. Time will tell but Wilson has greater talent. He won against better talent than the others. And, you often see these guys at end of games when defense is tired.

I have said all along that I think Wilson is our third best quarterback after having watched Hall and Romney play

We were leading big in the 2nd half and no Romney or Hall? Joe Critchlow did played well today 5 of 5. I like Romney a lot where he looks crisp the way he played against BSU and usu. And I like Hall too. Wilson did well too but made ill pic 6 several times this year and he hold the ball too long.

Critchlow comes in at the end when their defense is beaten and tired. You guys crack me up with your analogies. Wilson is the best QB.

Horrible 1st quarter, lots of rust. How many times did he spill out the pocket, couldn’t find a receiver and does not throw the ball away, loses yards. Vintage Wilson and against the 300th worse defense in college

Final score 42-10. BYU won. But, the peanut gallery continues to interject their nutty butter.

How about we see all 4 qb play next week against umass. 1st qtr Wislon, 2nd Hall, 3rd Romney and 4th Critchlow. Yeah, I know coaches won’t do that.

The bowl game is our championship game. Wilson won the starting position. He beat USC and Tennessee in Tennessee. He would have beat Toledo if not for his injury and probably USF. He would have beat Boise and USU as well. He’ needs to get the rust off before SDSU. He plays 2.5 quarters minimum.

You know I’m right. This isn’t a socialist game nor is it Pop Warner pee wee football and everyone plays

Hall is

Hall was still dealing with concussion protocol
Romney has turf toe and they want him to rest to get him back for SDSU.

Williams is back to play against SDSU. Not Romney…

Williams? is out with an ACL.

You can only respond when someone makes a typo mistake? How big of you. Wilson is back and will be the QB.

What are you talking about? What QB last name is Williams?

Hall did not play because he did not pass his concussion Protocols.
Romney did not play because the coaches wanted him to heal from his bad turf toe, and since it is Idaho State they felt comfortable bringing in Critchlow to back up Wilson.

This is according to Blaine Fowler at the end of the football game on KBYU.

The question being answered Scott was “We were leading big in the 2nd half and no Romney or Hall?”

Since Wilson started the game and played until through most of the 3rd qtr why would you be saying Wilson will be playing in SDSU?

My comment referred to what Blaine Fowler said that Both Hall and Romney were sitting the game out to more fully recover. The coaches wanted them to be able both players to be able to play in the SDSU game (you know as a backup, or in some sort of “special” play).

With our track record with injuries this year, I think that was a prudent reason.

Wilson will start and play against SDSU. You can say your opinion but it’s not going to happen. I don’t think Hall plays again this season.