With Mendenhall taking 7 coaches (including himself) is he 

essentially giving the middle finger to BYU and or Cougar fans? With the difficulty of the 2016 schedule coming up, I know I as a man of faith and integrity I would have a hard time, with myself, knowing that I am essentially shredding the football program. Essentially sabotaging a critical season with the Independence / joining a P5 conference / ESPN deal and their finances hurting. I am not saying Bronco is intentionally doing this, I do not know. Whether intentional or not, the FB program is in a shambles unless something miraculous happen

I don’t see anything wrong with it. Assistants follow head coaches all the time. A new coach comes in and brings his own staff. What would be wrong would be handcuffing the new coach with assistants that he isn’t comfortable with. Shambles is too harsh a word. Transition is better and, I think, more accurate.

Really? Nope-I think you have to wait and see. For all of you Bronco critics out there-this is what you wanted and you got what you wanted, except for the fact he wasn’t fired but got a better paying job in a P5 conference. So no whining please-as for the rest of us-we can cross our fingers and hope that the new coach and his assistants surpass the teams of the last 11 years and don’t lead us backwards

Didn’t know I was whining. Thanks for letting me know my own state of mind. The program is indeed in a state of shambles with 7 coaches leaving. Who’s to say that might be righted fairly quickly. But come on. The odds are way long that it will take a good year before the program is fully functional with a mostly new coaching staff. Given next season’s schedule and a new coaching staff, my prediction for wins for next year are 6 or 7. Hopefully a miracle will happen and whatever hitch there is will be a very small one. I am actually glad to see Bronco move on and I think the program will prosper, although might skip a beat in 2016.

I agree completely! How many have been demanding Bronco and Anae be fired? A lot in here. So, they got what they wanted. Yes, we shall see how well the new coach will work with the players and have them ready for next season. I think we will be fine and surprise a lot of teams and people.

But they did not get fired. :smile:


At this point, I really don’t know what I agree with and what I do not agree with you on, but I do know that you give us all much to think about.

Is this a Bronco Pay back, nose thumbing, to get even with a fan base where 100% of the fans are not praising him after each game?

Is he deliberately causing to be gone, 7 coaches just before a Bowl game vs a mean hard rival upstate.

Is he Jumping ship to avoid playing our toughest season in the history of BYU with teams like: 1. Arizona 2. Utah 3. UCLA 4.West Va. 5.Michigan State 6. Boise State 7.Mississippi State 8. Souther Miss 9. Cincinnati and other slots left to be field.

Does he want to see BYU fail?

So much for his teary eyed fire side chats. So much for football only being #5 in importance to him behind all the logical more important things.

So much for being a Band of Brothers. What are we to believe now???

Is it really all about money?
Has money become the #1 most important thing to Bronco.

Is the of power and prestige of being a coach in a P5 conference the #2 most important thing to Bronco?

I use to think that it was BYU that he wanted to get into a P5 conference. As it turns out, it was he that he wanted to get into n a P5 conference and BYU was only a tool to get him there, but getting their for Bronco is not fast enough staying at BYU.

Did Bronco sell his soul for money fame and power?

Is building a nest egg for early retirement now #3 to 'Bronco?

I have to now ask, in what place does God, does Church, does Education, does Family, does Friends, does Fire Side Chats, and finally does football now come in Bronco’s order of importance?

Will the players at Va. become Bronco’s new Band of Brothers?

Will the new jerseys on the backs of the Va players now read, instead of the players names, "Integrity, Loyalty, Spirit, Faith, Brothers, " or will he have a new set of cute slogans that are only meaningless slogans.

Is Bronco really just an opportunist that will do and say what every he thinks that authority wants him to do and say, in order to use the current assignment as a spring board for that which he really wants, i.e. money, power, recognition, respect and self-serving fulfillment?

I don’t know Roy. I haven’t figured it out yet, but you do indeed open some questions for discussion.


This much of your post I can agree with and appreciate: " hope that the new coach and his assistants surpass the teams of the last 11 years "

Thank you.

Roy, I agree with you again and find nothing in this post not to agree with. Thank you.

Lol I don’t know if you personally were whining at all, Roy, but there was plenty going on. Now we will see if it was justified or just what fans do when their expectations aren’t being met. I know that the
record this year met or exceeded 95 percent of predictions -which were made assuming Hill was the qb-so given the injuries that the coaching staff has had to deal with the last couple of years I would give them a B. I whined plenty about Anae, but in retrospect -he did a credible job the last two years

I’ve never had much of a problem with Bronco, except that when he had Anae here I think he became more conservative and afraid to do new things or be creative and innovative. One of the hallmarks of a great coach is his ability to innovate, adjust and find new ways to be successful (win games). That is why I always had a problem with Anae… too conservative and predictable.

This resulted in many of the butt-kickings at the hands of Michigan, TCU and others as well as dumb close losses to Utah and other teams BYU should easily have beaten. Watch and see if they don’t go out in a blaze of glory next week in the Vegas bowl in similar fashion.

Sometimes people simply need a change of scenery. I think judging someone’s heart is counter productive to our own souls. The point of the story of the rich man in Matthew isn’t for us to judge others but to ask why we are becoming wealthy if that is the case. The serving two masters has more validity in this discussion (sorry Jim).
I don’t believe Bronco is inside himself trying to serve two masters. He’s trying to fulfill one promise of support and believing it’s the right thing to do. I’m sure he is well aware that he will be advertising to recruits and current players for UV (Taysom and others who have de-committed). But, he also knows if he leaves there is no one to prepare his BYU players for the bowl game. It becomes a choice and one he has to decide which is the one right to do.
What I think ultimately will happen is the players and coaches who will leave BYU will do so regardless of whether he coaches the game or not. So, let him give the players the best chance of winning the bowl game and stop whining and judging the man. The new coach will be able to pick up the pieces and build BYU to better greatness or not. This has nothing to do with that. Get over yourselves and cheer the Cougars on at the bowl game because the kids are going to play their hearts out for BYU, their former coaches, their new coaches and their fans. So, who are their fans??? I know I am!

I don’t know if Anae was too conservative or just incompetent. Coaches (leaders in all aspects of life) have game plans. But, most of the time, when it comes down to the decisions at crucial times, it’s the natural feelings (based on experience, intuition and inspiration and emotions) that win or lose the game. He just didn’t have that enough of the time. We talk about being out coached. It’s been the difference between Rose and Few. But, we hope every year that something will change and our coaches will get better at feeling the force rather than relying solely on Xs and Os.

I think you are putting way too much emphasis on Bronco “coaching the bowl game” like it is some big deal. I think it is worse, now that he has told everyone about the move and taking a bunch of coaches with him. I will be shocked if BYU beats Utah… it being bad enough that Anae will figure out some way to lose with his gameplan, let alone that the players won’t feel inspired to give Bronco their best effort, particularly the underclassmen. I think your opinion is more blind conjecture than anything else.

So Aristotle Gavenman… do you believe Bronco would have gone to Virginia if they had offered him an equal salary to what BYU was paying him? you know, for the “challenge” or “change of scenery”?

Do I think Bronco is a good man, absolutely. But, to deny the idea or possibility that he left for more money is ridiculous. It is absolutely the primary reason.

Too conservative, as described in my post, is another word for incompetent when it mattered.
As for being outcoached… that was always too easy for the opponents.

I don’t necessarily think that Rose is outcoached by Few… BYU just can’t seem to get good big men and develop them. I was hopeful on Kaufusi but he has looked bad lately… like he is still learning the basics. Austin just never gets there and Davis, for all of his rebounding greatness, hunches over and can’t make free throws. In fact, if you can’t make 50% on ft’s, why are you even playing?

No, the difference between Rose and Few when they face each other is the guys in stripes… Few has them on his side and Rose doesn’t. It’s an important factor and reason GU wins the league every year.

You just can’t help yourself. You say some good things then get in the way of yourself by bringing up referees again. Yet, no faxes, emails… :smile:
Kaufusi has improved greatly from last year. Davis boards very well and scores what is expected of. His posture is puzzling and he should shoot better free throws. The. Team shot 80% last game. Hopefully that continues.
The lazy passes happen when they get winded. Especially KC.
Are you going to be home for the bowl game next Saturday?

I don’t know about the bowl game yet…

My question is: Are six assistants coaches going to UVA too many? It does appear that Bronco has an axe to grind.

Even if Bronco did not take any of them to UVA, there is still a good chance that most of them would be gone next year, depending on what the new coach decides to do.

Thanks for going back to the basic question I asked to start the thread TxCoug. But it looks like very few people are willing to answer the question.