Worst Referees ever!

That was so obvious that the refs were fixing the score. Needs to be investigated

I agree, the officiating was terrible. I was a certified official for 14 years for high school and junior college ball. Used to call a lot of Rick’s college games back in the 60’s/ WY Cowboy.

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I read that with Covid, there has been a lot of veteran refs leave and that almost all leagues have been scrambling to find refs with experience.

Mtn West and P12 share the reffing pool so it figures

The John Canzano article here in Oregon was outstanding. Canzano is well regarded by sports fans. The PAC12 is famously terrible, and the MWC/WAC not far behind. But it will be a MAJOR upgrade for BYU to play in the Big12 where 1) the officials are good in the first place and 2) the Pac12 and MWC BYU bias–which I believe is very real–is not a thing anymore. BYU will be just another team in a great conference and the refs will treat them that way.