Worthington vs. Dastrup, which one is the more productive player?

WORTHINGTON 19-17 286 15.1 34-64 . 5 3 1 0-0 . 0 0 0 24-43 . 5 5 8 26 38 64 3.4 35 0 9 14 6 5 92 4.8
DASTRUP 18-0 151 8.4 23-38 . 6 0 5 8-15 . 5 3 3 12-16 . 7 5 0 6 35 41 2.3 16 0 12 12 8 6 66 3.7

You won’t know what any of those numbers mean so let me explain the season stats. Worthington has played nearly twice as many minutes. Dastrup’s field goal % is higher, his 3 point fg % is higher (Luke hasn’t taken a 3 all season) Dastrups free throw % is higher and he has 2/3 the rebounds in half the minutes with defensive rebounds being almost equal. Luke has committed more than twice the fouls that Payton has. Luke has fewer total assists and more turnovers. Payton has more blocked shots and more steals even though he has played half the total minutes that Luke has.

Any questions about production are answered right there. The coach is the problem, Rose has it in for Dastrup. Unless someone can come up with a more legitimate reason and back it up with facts, I’m sticking to it. There is no logical reason that Worthington should be playing more minutes than Dastrup.

Dastrup without question is the greater talent and I would rather see him getting about 20 minutes a game and Worthington about 10. I will give Luke some credit. He has improved a lot from his two pre-mission years. He can now score with the baby hook whereas before he had no game on offense. He seems to have a great work ethic and he has value to the team. He could be a great off the bench player.

Exactly! At this point in time I would be okay if they were even splitting available minutes just to get Dastrup the court time he needs. I promise that even though Luke has improved and works really hard, he is not the answer for important games like Gonzaga and St. Mary’s. I think it is getting late for Dastrup to be that answer, but he could have been.

Worthington certainly has value to the team and I don’t want to be misunderstood in all this. He gives great effort and has developed to a point where he can make contributions. There are definitely things that Dastrup needs to improve on but that can only be done with experience on the court, something that Rose has not been willing to give him.

It is nonsense for fans like the grasshopper to suggest that fans think that Dastrup playing more would be “at the expense of winning games” but that is what he suggested. Dastrup has been an integral part of several wins, including Utah and UMass, in very limited minutes. Those games alone should have led to more minutes but Rose refuses. Those are the facts that grasshopper won’t accept.

Stats can and are misused like you did all the time. You don’t have anything about how the paint is being defended and which one is out of position most of the time (Dastrup). Some of the stats you mentioned you forgot Worthington played twice the minutes which skewed your assessment (you didn’t think I was going to notice).

The point now is who is playing best right now? Dastrup has fallen behind Worthington for sure! Nice try but Worthington is obvious to all coaches to be the one doing more of what is supposed to be done within offense and defense.

Some interesting points here.

  • Put all of the data in per 40-minute form for consistency, some will certainly favor Dastrup
  • What are +/- lineup data?
  • Dastrup still looks winded fast…

Dastrup just misses a lot of rotations or is out of place. That can be ironed out.

Yes, it can be ironed out in practice. Rose has to be concerned with winning. Not whether Dastrup is happy. If Dastrup isn’t happy about his playing time then he should buckle down and learn everything faster. Worthington did. And Worthington wasn’t around last year.

You are completely wrong. The stats are actual numbers… Dastrup has more blocked shots, etc. in half the minutes. I didn’t skew anything. You need to learn how to read and understand stats and what people say. I have never had a problem with comprehension, that has ALWAYS been your thing.

I just gave straight numbers. If you put them in 40 minute form for consistency, Dastrup’s numbers would blow Worthington’s out of the water, seriously.

You manipulated the numbers for your conspiracy without the important number of minutes played.

Worthington has played 286 minutes this season as of Jan. 13.

Dastrup has played 151 minutes this season as of Jan. 13.

Not sure how good your math is but a quick look tells me that Worthington has played a little less than twice the minutes Dastrup has. The stats I listed are exactly the ones you can find here. So I’m sorry you didn’t understand or got confused but that isn’t my fault. Check the link below for yourself.

Hope that helps you out there little fella…

Neither one of them was very productive last game, but that is the choice that Rose is making for the team, which isn’t taking the Cougars anywhere.

I didn’t see the game last night but according to the stat lines none of our big men were very good last night.

Landale’s line was 32 point and 14 rebounds in 40 minutes.

Childs, Wothington & Dastrup had 14 points and 3 rebounds combined in 39 minutes.
If you throw in Nixon as a big man then the big men produced 17 points and 7 rebounds in 53 minutes.

Landale.more than doubled our 3 post men in just one more minute of play and he never took a rest. If you throw in Nixon he doubled all 4 in rebounds and nearly doubled them in points in thirteen less minutes of playing time than all 4 combined. Childs did get one more block than Landale but had a pathetic 1 rebound and fouled out. Landale only got 2 fouls.

I have no idea if Landale will do much in the NBA but he is clearly a beast on the college level. At least against BYU he is a beast. I guess the good news is that maybe Childs won’t get any ideas like Trent Plaisted and Eric Mika did that he is ready for the NBA. Hopefully he will be around at least one more year.

That’s interesting.

This might be a game where I’d like to see a giant lineup of Worthington at the 5, then Dastrup, Yeoli playing forward with Elijah and TJ. This idea needs work but I feel like there’s something here with this matchup.

Please don’t include Dastrup in that group. He doesn’t get enough time to even consider it. His season is over. He did what he could in the games where he got a decent opportunity to do something. His leash is so short now, there is no point in including him in any discussion of BYU basketball going forward.

Thanks Reed, you have good insight.

I’m not sure why anyone sees Dastrup as a part of any BYU lineup or rotation. His season is over. It is clear that Rose only gives him a token minute or two to see if he has a hot hand or who knows what. Dastrup is obviously afraid to shoot and plays scared now. There is no point in discussing him as a viable option for BYU going forward. At this point I hope he sticks around but would not be surprised if he left. He likes his teammates but I don’t think he is very well liked by the coach or staff. Nixon will get the minutes after Worthington when Yoeli gets in foul trouble or is having a bad game.

I get your frustration over the lack of playing time for Dastrup and since he had no stats if you take him out of the mix it is still pathetic that Worthington and Bryant only got 14 points and 2 rebounds in a combined 35 minutes. They got dominated.

Concur, understandable frustration. I do think dastrup is ok mentally, just needs reps

Dastrup most likely won the Utah game for BYU and he came in when BYU was at its worse deficit with Pacific and righted that ship in 4 minutes or so. Worthington can never do that.

But here is the deal. I have come to learn that While Dastrup can ignite the team…he gets lost on defense often and mucks up the flow of the offense by not being or doing what he is supposed to on plays. I would say he has A.D.D… My reasoning is that I watch Schroyer signal a play, they run it and it breaks down and they jank Dastrup. You have to be watching the sidelines at a live game to see what the coaches are doing and their body language to see. What bugs me is that when they bench Dastup, no one goes over and coaches him up at the moment. It is almost as if they hive him the look, “We’ve worked on this forever in practice, go sit down”

Best cheerleader ever in the history of BYU however.

Yeah. He’s done better lately. Being where he’s supposed to be is Worthington’s greatest virtue. It’s a calming presence when he just does his job. If Dastrup did that, Worthington would be glued to the bench, which is also sad because I like Luke, but then Dastrup would be a clear starter.

There was a nice article in the Deseret News today about Dastrup. Based on what was written it seems he has a great attitude and is not upset with his role. Rose had some positive things to say as well. Maybe it was all PC stuff to feed the press to calm the public but if you take it at face value it is reassuring. Childs had some great things to say about him and compared his skill set to Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin.

Saw that early today. I find it hard to understand why it was on DN about Payton Dastrup and nothing about “NEED MORE PLAYING TIME” and as well need to improve in what area. Another thing, I don’t see “Need to PRACTICE Better” according to one of the CougarFan source.
Yes it was nice to read about this but still doesn’t say anything about time frame “What” to IMPROVE and WHEN & HOW MANY MINUTES HE WILL PLAY IN THE FUTURE! All I am seeing he is getting better, good attitude and no progress information.

All I am hoping that he will be around 2 more years at BYU.