Would BYU have told Chatman no basketball

if he was pursuing a MBA degree instead of going to law school?

Why do I ask the question? Because that is exactly what he is doing at Boston College. He isn’t in law school there, he is working on his MBA.

I still think the reason he left is because he was told there weren’t a lot of minutes available to him because of Emery, Haws, Bryant and Rose… just another one of those things that shows there isn’t much opportunity to break into the favored status group if the coach already has his mind made up who is playing and who isn’t. Mind you this is all conjecture on my part, but it certainly fits the current situation better than other theories.

Yes, Jim, you are correct. The number of transfers out of the BYU program is worth noting. If you are in the group that is hyped or liked you can play even below average ball with the green light and marginall to little defense. Calvert and Toolson will be watched next year. Obviously Chatman would have been a huge help this year. Too bad.

Yes it is too bad Chatman is not here. I remember reading from Boston Globe (I think) he is not in Law School which was like “what is going on.” I don’t recall hearing that Dave Rose told him to move on which I have a hard time believing that. But again, why he didn’t play much during his time at the Y?
Guess what, we will be missing another player for the most of the season. Per KSL tonight, LJ Rose had surgery and will be missed for a while.
So more minutes to those young players. Time to play Dastrup now and no more Cheerleading.

Sad for Rose, but good for the team. I hate to see a meaningless season have its minutes eaten up by a one and done player. Since coach Rose must have visions of making the NCAA’s it is sad that an injury is what forces him to do what is right for the team. His promise to LJ’s dad will be fulfilled and now we will hopefully get to start preparing for the next 3 yrs.

BYU and Boston College Business Schools have different strengths but generally both are top quality not elite programs.
MBA programs do not face American Bar Association strictures forbidding them from allowing first year students from holding jobs outside of school.

If Chatman had been willing/able (don’t know which the situation) was with the Mariott School of Management then he could have stayed.
My impression is that Chatman’s heart was set on law school at BYU. He was refused. He made the decision to leave. Then in making the best decisions for his future, the BC MBA program appeared to be the best option.
If he had been a bit more flexible with his choice of program at BYU and bit a less disappointed with his playing time last year, he would likely have been lauded as the key to BYU’s improved defence. But that is of course just a counter-factual…still not too far from the realm of probable.

Rose should have played him more, made him feel like he is needed. I did not get that vibe and now we are missing him in a big way.

Brings me to the next point. How is it that Guinn is now a hero mainly because of his defense when I (and others) screamed for him from the get go? You can go back to the Colorado game to read about Guinn and how his 6’5 frame is necessary to defend against bigger stronger guys that just over power a Haws or Emery. As I have said for years now…Rose values offense more than defense and when BYU loses to crappy teams on the road and the BYU fan base becomes restless, only then does he act to “fix” the problem.

I am not good with Dastrup sitting on the bench. Weight or not, he needs to get playing time just to feel attached to the team. If he chose to go elsewhere, I would be pointing to Roses’ history of neglecting his future talent

Right on Chris.

This is not brain surgery. A lot of us see what is going on and understand that things can be better. I don’t have all the answers, but I know when I see things that aren’t right and need to be changed.

These are the very things that will keep BYU from ever realizing their true potential, from doing the deer in the headlights thing, etc. Only once every 25 years or so a player comes along and just takes things into his own hands. Danny Ainge and Jimmer Fredette are those players. Mika and Haws have shown the potential to do the same thing but I don’t trust either of them as much as I did the others. They are still really immature and may not be able to do the things necessary to get BYU to that level.