Wow.... what is next for this team?

That was ugly.

This team has nowhere to go but up… LOL!

Why waste Critchlow’s red shirt when BYU is beat 24-7 with less than 2 minutes to play? Why not put #2 back in the game!

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That surprised me, too. My guess is with Mangum hurting or ineffective, it’s between Critchlow and Hoge now.

yep, Tanner is done. headcase. Watched as he came off the field and engaged Detmer. No fire, a lot of apology.

We burned Critchlow’s redshirt year because Sitake is serious about finding a QB that can lead.

I got the feeling that Mangum was playing with a lot of pain. I don’t think that is an excuse but it didn’t help his situation. He hasn’t looked good at all this year. It’s strange to be in a place where you are equal or compared to NFL caliber QB’s and then be where he is now.

There is more to the problems than just Mangum though… the defense isn’t that great either. There are a couple of players that are masking scheme issues and overall strategy problems on defense.

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I still think Mangum main issue is Ty Detmer trying to force him into the wrong scheme. He is trying to force Mangum to stay in the pocket, Mangum is at his best when he bootlegging or whatever.

Add to that this Offensive Line sucks… and either allows sacks or at least a ton of pressure on the QB,…

But he can’t call it like it is because it might hurt their feelings…