Xavier Versus BYU

I didn’t happen to watch the Ole Miss Xavier game, but saw the stat lines. I’m pretty sure that we would have possibly done a little better than Ole Miss did. I realize that it would be difficult to simulate that game, but if we had our normal game on, that we would have been closer than double digits. I have always like Coach Rose, but I think that he deserves some of the blame for da lame 2nd half we all witnessed yesterday. I don’t recall the ball being passed into the lane even once. Did I miss one??? Did Kafusi even touch the ball in the 2nd half?? I’m not talking driving into the paint, rather passing into the paint. The difference in my mind (not a bball genius, mind you) is that when you drive in, you take one or two defenders with you, versus passing into the paint. If the defender drops in a little, then the outside shooters have a little more room, as in the “inside out game”. Even better is if Kafusi has a move or two, he might even be able to score a few points himself. Does anyone have a better explanation?

Our offense was a motion weave because of low skill level of our bigs. Their bigs could Handle Kaufusi without guards dropping into the lane. Next year, Kaufusi and Davis will be more offensive minded and we should not see much of the weave.

I think Rose is a coach only in position or title. I rarely see him talking to the players during time outs or diagramming a play or whatever a coach is supposed to do. He is the “head coach” but I’m not sure what he actually does.

It seems he is more of a general manager that is in charge but doesn’t actually do much.

That is a pretty simple explanation… mixed in with some more “we’ll get em’ next year” hyperbole. I’m not sure BYU will ever make it over the hump in the wcc and unseat Gonzaga as the league champion.

Yes, they won a game because the league did what was in its’ best interests but the pre-determined process isn’t going to change anytime soon.

I think they will probably always be the 2nd to 4th best team in the wcc and that will get them a ncaa bid most years… for the one and done scenario to play out.

Jim, I think you’re spot on. I was at practice about a month ago, between the USF and Santa Clara games in Provo. I don’t know what Rose did in the locker room in front of the white board, but Coach Pope ran like 98% of the practice on the floor. I remember thinking Rose resembles LaVell.

Which is fine. I played hoops in high school about 400 years ago. Far be it for me to critique how Coach Rose manages his program. But one thing I can say: in all the years I’ve followed my Cougs, I’ve been under wowed with our D. Except maybe Jackson Emery’s time. This is unnecessary. We’re i king of BYU ball, I’d hire a defensive coach who wd rebuild from ground up.

That said, with the tall timber we have joining the team in a steady stream next few yrs, I laugh at myself that even after Tuesday’s embarrassing loss, I think we’re awesome next year. Haha. Oh well. So sue me or call me naive. Maybe I am. :wink:

Each coach runs their organizations different. Many coaches to the same things. And, I disagree that Rose doesn’t talk during time outs. There are times when players need to talk with themselves during time outs. Their are times when assistants do the talking based on whether offense or defense needs to be changed or worked on. I wouldn’t expect you to understand being a referee and not a coach :wink:

Stan Watts was criticized constantly by the fans during his years and now he is a revered icon of BYU coaching. He is in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. He didn’t appear to be very engaged, very laid back, and didn’t appear to take losing too hard. A lot fans wanted Ladell Anderson who was up at Utah State at the time and had consistently good teams there. Ladell was hired after Glenn Potter and then Frank Arnold were fired. A lot of fans didn’t think Ladell could coach either, or Arnold, or Roger Reid. Reid was actually a really good coach in terms of getting a lot out of his talent. He didn’t recruit real well. but his teams were disciplined, played up to their potential, and didn’t beat themselves. Steve Cleveland was a decent coach and a real good guy.I think Reid’s personality caught up with him and was his undoing along with fans bent out of shape about his sons playing. Reid actually won about 50% of his games against Rick Majerus until his last few years when the program went south.He knew how to manage a game.

I get tired of fans constantly complaining about coaching. All of the BYU coaches in my lifetime were good coaches with the exception of Potter. Ingles wasn’t around long enough to tell. The fact is that Rose has more wins than any of them except Watts and if he stays around he will easily surpass Watts. His winning percentage is far higher than Watts’ was and he has real good recruits lined up. I assume he gets some credit for the recruits?

My comments weren’t really a complaint because you are right, Rose is very successful. Whether that is a result of his surrounding himself with a good staff or it is directly of his own doing, his record speaks well.

I believe I am right though and that is a tough pill for SG to swallow. Hey, if Mowgli says I am spot on, you can take it to the bank.

That is why I see Rose as more of a GM than a an actual “coach”.

He’s actually a better coach than GM in my opinion.

When you figure the utah valley kids would play for byu regardless of the recruiting, and yet we didn’t fill other spots enough to tell any local talent, sorry, not enough spots for you, it shows the weakness in the lazy recruiting. I can’t think of one local grown player we told no to, that went on somewhere else to play. That’s a problem.

People don’t realize Arnold was a great recruiter at UCLA. He brought in Wicks, Rowe and Marques Johnson. He went to their homes and talked with parents not Wooden. At BYU he recruited Ainge and other excellent players. He never gets much credit because of other issues. But he was one coach that actually showed up to teach his classes too. Lavell made it to his first and last class of the semester.

Rose is a great coach. Recruits well and has nothing but winning seasons.

, all wqe had to do was to beat Ole Misss. Coulda, shouda, wouda? No we won’t, no we can’t, we got beat by Ole Miss.

and watching Gonzaga is like watching a wcc game.

No team, that I can remember, gets the love like GU does from the officials.

Not impressed with the Zags and if it weren’t for the biased officiating this game would be a lot closer than 13 points at halftime.

I just keep rolling my eyes. This viscous hatred you seem to have with officials blinds you from facts that GU is a really good team with a really good coach. Everything has to be a conspiracy with you or it’s not normal :slight_smile:

You need to pay more attention to what I post. When I see a well officiated game I post as much, when I see a poorly officiated game I post my comments as well.

Just because you can’t discern one from the other… well, not much you can say.

I’d really like to watch a game that Gonzaga plays where they don’t get the calls from the officials… it might happen against Duke or Arizona or one of the bigger name teams. When they play a team like they did in the first round it just isn’t going to happen.

The reason that you will see a difference against an elite team would be because those players are more skilled, foul less because they are more skilled and understand their game better than GU. Thus, it appears that GU won’t be getting the calls in your mind for the wrong reason. Your normalcy bias won’t allow anything else :slight_smile:

Well, I would hope that your simple reasoning answers the question but as usual, it is a bit more complicated than you can handle.

I know you like to believe that the simple answer, without much thought involved, is always the easiest and right one, but it just isn’t.

Oh well, we end the conversation as usual, with me having all the answers and you not quite understanding… :slight_smile:

That’s a normal response :wink:

ARO: To me Roger Reid coached like he played. I have always respected Reid for his hustle and moxie, both as a player and as a coach. I am happy for him that he just got into the Utah Athletic Hall of Fame. He deserves.
I like Coach Rose as a person and respect him. He is a great representative for BYU, i.e. another Mr. Bishop type, al la Bronco M. But like Bronco, sometimes he seems to not make adjustments very well during a game. I have heard the four guards ad nauseam. But I am not sure that is the real problem. It may be the open door of missionaries coming and going. But I sure didn’t see any adjustments during the second half of the Ole Miss game. Yet BYU played about 8 straight great defensive games down the stretch in the WCC at the end of the year when the chips were on the line. I admit that Ole Miss was fast and could shoot, but where was our defensive adjustments in the second half of that game?
Somebody has to take the responsibility for that lapse of defense in the Ole Miss game. Yes, it was a close 94-90 affair. I don’t know for sure, but it hurt to lose that game after a 17 point first half lead.
Coach Rose has many wins because he plays in an inferior league (the WCC or the West Coast Gonzaga U Conf). BYU hasn’t won an outright conference title since 2001. Come on.

“BYU hasn’t won an outright conference title since 2001. Come on.” I think you mean conference tournament title rather than outright conference title. They have won multiple outright conference titles since 2001. They simply have not won a conference tournament since 2001. In 2001 they did not win an outright conference regular season title. They tied with two other teams.