Yewtah Yewtz bowl game

Call me evil, but I enjoyed watching them lose badly after getting a 20 3 lead in the first half…

Me too cwood. I can’t ever root for the Yewts, unless it helped BYU in a conference, like us being in the PAC-12 (14, future).

Enjoyed watching the Pukes choke. They looked like a groom left at the alter…Whit gets a pass and another OC. (how many is that in the past 12 years? 13 or is it 14?

And it was right before the Holiday Bowl. He went to Sacramento State or was it Davis to be a HC?
Kyle already re-hired the OC that he was under Urben Myer after that Fiesta Bowl or was it Sugar Bowl against Alabama? Yeah every year new OC and who knows he may move on again and then Whit might rehire Arod again.