Yoeli Child coming back for senior year

Yoeli Child is back. All I can say good for him and hope he does well during his final year at the Y.

Happy days are here again!!!

Well, that solved most of BYU’s issues…biggest news of the year since Pope’s hiring. I knew that Childs was not getting love at the combine but he did have some good $$ deals in Europe… Speaks two several things here…Pope is an infectious recruiter, his biggest asset. and Childs can see that Pope can help him get further along toward a NBA dream. Childs will become talked about in BYU lore rather then an * in the revolving door of talent that moved on through.

With Baxter, Childs inside…Harding and Seljaas on the wings and 3 vet. shooting guards in Haws, Emery and Toolson, BYU can win a whole lot of games. Need one more transfer big man

You should watch the BYU Sports Nation Friday addition where Yoli is interviewed. He says a lot more and how he loves BYU. He’s a great young man and an ambassador for the Church and BYU.

Jesse Wade? Never saw him played at Davis H.S. and very little at Gonzaga. Some CougarNatoin saying positive things about this guy. Very little contact sports for 4 years has been a long time. Hope he still has his shooting 3’s touch.

It will hard to keep Wade out of the starting lineup. He’s that good.

Jesse wade did not impress coach few Enough to get playing time. Lights out shooter but undersized. How does he break in over a veteran like toolson or Emery for that matter. There’s only so playing time And then you have to think about teams like Nevada from last year, where their average guard was 6’7. 6’5 toolson is going to get that all that playing time.

That was two years ago. Few had an experienced guard instead of a freshman. Relax, he’s really good and what is great is the starters won’t have to play 40 minutes a game! Yoli’s sub is still a question area. But. Sejhass off the bench will be like his freshman year at the 4.

Ya, now maybe Pope gan get him to actually play defense?

That’s Childs plan. He wants to win defensive player of the year. We need then Lee to step up and be able to come in when Childs gets in foul trouble.

Pope just signed a great kid out of Olympus High. Lead Utah in shooting %

Dowdell, 6’4 with Jimmer range. I like him a lot

Jeremy DowDell is leaving to Argentina in July. We will see him play 2021-22. So he is the next Jimmer? Jeremy = Jimmer: Clsoe enough which start with a J. Jeremy likes JJ Redick as a player. A good get that he is 6’4" tall

New NCAA rule change on 3 pointers. Are we going to see some change how players going to shoot 3’s this coming season?


nope, shooters shoot. won’t make any difference. I did the math years ago and an average of 38% from 3 beats 45% on twos every day, all day.

However, BYU has shot in the 20’s in recent games. Certainly your statistics depend on the number of 3’s taken. I’ll take Yoli’s Percentage in the paint anytime. Get to the rim and shoot 60%. That wins in the college game for sure!

With that said, I think we will shoot a higher percentage from the outside this year.

Last few years BYU hasn’t done well hitting those 3’s as Hopper said. And yes, we should improve this time around.

Good thing that Yoeli is coming back. He will definitely get better. I hope Pope is more interested in prepping the team for league play and making them tough by teaching defense than he is in seeing one or two players make it in a professional league somewhere.

I also hope he makes the effort to widen the recruiting net beyond the 200 miles to the north and south that has been the way for the past several years.

If he can improve on those two things we will see a better team going forward. Sometimes it is hard to change culture and expectations from big money boosters, etc. If BYU becomes more than Udaho University, Pope will have changed that culture and who cares about expectations.

We will see.

Did you see the quote that Childs wants to be the Defensive player of the year in the WCC? Toolson will help with the 3 point %. With 7 seniors on the team, I see BYU winning a lot of games.