Yoeli Child Suspended for 9 Games?

You got to be kidding. NCAA said he didn’t file his paperwork correctly when he hired an agent?
What a twisted of this NCAA. Was this the first time this year that student athletes can hire an agent and still be able to back away and go back to school?

I didn’t see anything on any link saying that students athletes need to file some paperwork before hiring an agent. I don’t trust the ncaa, student athletes should never hire anyone to test the NBA.

That really hurts to Yoeli big time and for his team!

NCAA. Conmen on the dole

From what I understand is that this was the first year that a student could hire an agent, but if he withdrew from the draft, then he could still remain eligible for the next college season (at least that is my understanding).

What Child did was hire an agent before filing the paperwork. There was an assistant coach and compliance person both misunderstood the policy and how to apply it.

Simple mistake, but what bothers me is 9 games? Seriously? I could see maybe 1-4 games, for the HONEST mistake, but NINE? No way!

I’m sick of the NCAA, Jay Bilas will be addressing the hypocrisy of what they did and are doing to BYU today. Go after the blue bloods that are buying players at a cost of about 400,000 per…nope

I assume we are challenging the ruling?

Power has become the latest focal point of society. Now that there are so many wealthy people, which has increased the number of poor amongst us, people want some other selfish pleasure to indulge in.

There are many groups and organizations, along with individual people, who want to control and manipulate others’ lives… tell them what to do, how to do it, etc. It is out of control.

Freedom and agency are in jeopardy my friends.

Actually, there are less on food stamps and welfare than 3 years ago. The wealth gap between blacks and whites has been cut in half in the past 3 years. More blacks and Hispanics are wealthy. Not sure about more poor except maybe the numbers because we have more people.

It’s called “look around” statistics. Don’t forget what my calling is either. I am telling you, regardless of how you interpret the stats you get from who knows where, that the situation for the most poor among us is becoming more dire. How is the homeless population doing?Just because someone doesn’t use food stamps doesn’t mean they aren’t poor. The rules on who can and can’t use them change…

If you don’t see what is going on around you, you are delusional.

How are young couples doing when it comes to buying a home and starting a family? Why does a person now need a masters degree to get a decent paying job, or one that can support a family? Those are questions you can’t answer and questions that aren’t being answered.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer despite what your statistics supposedly say.

There’s no doubt that in California there is more homeless and people earning less money. But, that’s not because of the rich. It’s because of our state and local governments incentivizing homeless to come to California and businesses leaving California. It’s not because of the rich. And facts are truth. No matter what Biden says.

Just got back from a trip to Portland, Oregon visiting my oldest daughter and her family.

I was so surprised at the Hugh amount of homeless people living just off the freeways and in city parks. My daughter told me that it is a big problem for the city there.

I trust because of your calling, you have a little more “Finger on the pulse” in your area than any statistic that the government puts out. As a Inner City missionary, I see the members in my Spanish ward who struggle everyday just to get by and pay their tithing. Although they are what we would call poor they have tremendous faith in the Savior.

I grew up extremely poor, but my dad never took welfare of any kind, he would work anywhere between 2-3 jobs as well as my mom working to make ends meet. We never went hunger, but we always did not have all the toys our neighborhood kids had.

Thanks for your service Jim, I am your calling is not easy, and I appreciate your willingness to do it anyways. After watching my Spanish Bishops lives, I am certain, I don’t want to ever have that calling :open_mouth:

Sorry but this off topic a bit… My apologies.

I am at a quandary here…
While I agree in some aspect that it is not caused by the rich, because there are so many factors that goes into why people do not succeed in life.

However, I also can see where some of actions of the rich who owns businesses have affected the ability of people (their employees) to make a decent wage by artificially suppressing the hourly wage.

No, I am not talking about the liberal idea of “living wage”, I am talking about business owners who intentionally keep their wages low in order to make more profit for themselves.

The current Walmart corporation is an example of how they artificially keep wages and benefits down in order to make more profit for the heirs of Walmart

Sam Walton would turn over in his grave if he saw how his children has turned the company he built into what it is today.

There is a story I was told by a union organizer (a friend of mine) that when Sam was alive and running the company, the union wanted to come in and organize the meat cutters in the stores. Sam allowed the union to come in and give their spill. The worker unanimously turned them down because Sam Walton was known to treat his employees extremely well (wages and compensation) and it was a great place to work. Now, the workers are not treated as family like Sam treated them, his children has little regard for those working for them.

Tim LaComb (Former BBall coach at BYU) said on the radio yesterday that he believes that people in college sports is beginning to be fed up with the NCAA administration and the way they nail some schools while allowing other schools who were caught on an FBI wiretap breaking the rules.
Yet Childs gets 9 games, while the coach caught on tape talking about how he bribed players to play for him, is coaching this next year with the same team.

The coach believes before too long, many colleges is going to form another association or simply leave the NCAA all together.


There was a time when BYU Men’s Volleyball did not participate in the NCAA with Coach Carl McGown. I think there are plenty of teams that would enjoy breaking away and the few top teams can play each other in a small semi-pro league. The market will be plenty to financially survive too.

I guess. Walton never paid for health insurance and around here pay was minimum wage. Now, around here Walmart pays above minimum wage and health insurance. So does McDonalds. McDonalds around here has been paying well above minimum wage for 30 years.

With that said, there are a lot of small business owners who do pay less than they could. Many use internships with local colleges and pay low wages and never give full employment to the interns once the graduate. Amgen is doing the same thing around here. But, with the small businesses, I also don’t know what their spread sheets look like and exactly know what the owners are making. In many of the businesses there is high competition and some companies come and go. And what is rich in Utah isn’t rich in Southern California. The concept of “classes” is really arbitrary to location and not one finite number for the entire country.

All you have to do is go into most large cities run for 50 years by Democrats and in liberal states to see the same thing. Jim talks about being a Bishop in this area. Well, I’ve been in bishoprics and Ward Clerk in the same Stake as Jim. We have a high Hispanic immigrant population, more so than Jim’s town. Yet, we didn’t have massive numbers of people on welfare. We helped people find employment and helped those in need. But we also followed the Church plan to help get families and individuals back on their feet. When our ward dissolved and went into another ward we had no people on welfare. 15 years ago when I was a councilor we started our Bishopric with quite a few needing help. But, in about 18 months, all of them were off church welfare. That was our focus.

As to homeless, I’ve been our wards representative to our town’s ministerial association for 15 years. Our main common ground to work with other churches has been helping the poor, the needy and the Hispanics in need. I’m aware of the problem which centers around mental illness, drugs and laziness with not desire to get off the streets even if there was housing. It’s a complicated issue but, it doesn’t help when the Democrat Politicians keep the money from the Feds and pocket much of it leaving the ghettos with no help picking up trash and helping get people mental help and off drugs. Portland is a perfect example. Los Angeles, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago and a few more on the list where rat :rat: infestation is really bad. All run by corrupt liberals.
There will always be poor amongst us. But the reason isn’t always the rich. The rich are simply an easy target by the lazy politicians who steal money from their own people. The facts are true no matter what Biden says :sunglasses:

Two things:

  1. California passed a higher minimum wage law, Walmart is forced to pay that, were in other states that do not have the same minimum wage, Walmart pays the lowest they can.
  2. Walmart gives Health Insurance to their Full Time workers… Most of the employees for Walmart is Part Time with no benefits.

Under Sam Walton, ALL employees both FT and PT were given good wages, had health insurance and was generally treated well.

What I posted has been well documented, the heirs to Sam Walton Company has pushed it in the different direction than what Sam ever did.

I should clarify, when I talk about Businesses in this post, I was referring to the big to mid size businesses, not the small one that are usually started by local people. Sorry for the confusion.

That is why I said I am a quandary … Because your right, it is NOT ALWAYS the rich that caused the problem, but SOMETIMES it is “the rich” that created the problem because of their business practices.

But you also right, that it is a very complicated issue and no one is completely guilty of causing the problem. Sometimes, it is a simple matter of bad luck.

As for the church programs, I am very well aware of the extent the church has created avenues for low income/immigrants to use to become more self sufficient. I deal with the programs weekly.

That is one reason I like the church system is because it focuses on being self sufficient more than a “Helping” hand. It works with a graduated scale of support, as the person becomes more self sufficient, the less support (services) they receive from the church. The government has arbitrary cutoff amounts and basically forces people to stay on welfare because they can’t bridge that gap to get from the point of needing help to being self sufficient.

Currently, Walmart around here is paying above minimum wage even for part-time. And all their workers can apply for insurance. Maybe it’s different in various locations.

But, you are correct about Walton. He was an example of the free market system working. However, small businesses were hurt because they were unable to pay higher wages like Walton could. The Government forcing businesses to raise wages and give everyone health insurance really only hurts small businesses.

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