You’ll love the 2nd half

Baxter and Emery have figured it out. Big games!
Hardnett looked like he doesn’t want to be out there. So be it.

Good thing they “figured it out” for this game, two nights ago neither one of them had “figured it out” though, right? And wow, it has taken so long for Baxter to “figure it out” but it has nothing to do with him sitting on the bench most of the season watching as Luke has tried to “figure it out”… for the past 4 years I might add. One wonders if Rose has finally “figured out” that Luke will never “figure it out”? so he finally decided to give Baxter the game time he’s needed to “figure it out”.

I’m sure it is going to be tough for Hardnett to “figure things out” now that Emery has “figured it out”. Hardnett probably “figured out” that Rose has “figured it out” that Emery finally “figured it out”. The doctors need to “figure out” another injury for Hardnett so he can have the time to “figure it out” again.

Now that these two have finally “figured it out” let’s hope Rose has actually “figured it out”… something he hasn’t been able to do the past several years.

Lastly, I’m trying to “figure out” how you saw the second half when you should have been at Stake Conference…

I came to leadership sick. But ran out of gas. I hope to be there tomorrow.

Baxter told the reason after the game. Listen to him. His attitude has changed. He’s working harder. Emery is too. Harding sat the second half because of lack of effort. He’s young but as you have said in the past, when they don’t work hard and mess up they should ride the pine and held accountable.
The way Hardnett threw the ball away and then didn’t run hard to try and strip the ball tells me he isn’t trying hard enough or he didn’t want to re-injure his finger. Either way, Rose pulled him. Didn’t embarrass him by letting him stay in one more play then sitting him.

I can’t figure it out what the hopper talking about.

True freshmen Gavin Baxter 1st career start in the game for the first time and played great the whole game! Baxter 25 pts, 3’s 2-2, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks and two dunks. I don’t remember if Yoeli Child did that kind of stats on his freshman year. Did Luke did that in his freshman or during his 4 years at BYU? What took Dave Rose so long (24 games 2018-2019) to figure that out? Sorry Hopper, I don’t believe your nonsense what was going on with Baxter. He was more than ready to start. Those two exhibition games were his practice games. This kid should start moving forward. And Connor Harding should be fine too and get this Colby Lee going too. We need more big guys on the floor and stop those bricking 3’s "1 of 9 shots in early game was ridicules. The fans at the MC was chanting MVP for Baxter and he deserves it.

Like I said before, when Rose put him in games early on he was completely lost. The game was moving too fast and Baxter was out of position on both ends of the court. Baxter explained after the game that in the las month the game is slowing down and his attitude has changed. You have to also remember he just came back off his mission. Big guys take longer. It’s a good thing you aren’t Head Coach at BYU.

hahahahahaha, still laughing. I figured it out before Baxter even went on his mission…he plays above the rim.

Chris, it is easier for some of us to “figure things out” than it is for others. I am glad you have it “figured out”.

I see grasshopper as the Luke Worthington of Cougarfan. He comes in and commits a few flagrant fouls, throws up some bricks and demonstrates that he really doesn’t have the necessary skills to compete yet is allowed to do so. Every once in a blue moon he posts something good and we all say “wow grasshopper, that was good and it makes sense” but we know going forward it won’t last and it was only a flash in the pan or a one time deal.

I have it “figured out”.

See, I seek answers and you seek more questions usually surrounded by conspiracies. You should have hopefully learned from Elder Blanck today. Seek answers not more and more questions and you will become a good sports analyst as well as a great Bishop :slight_smile:

No idea what you are talking about… seeking answers and not questions. How does this apply to what we talk about here. What answers are you seeking that I am not? or anyone else for that matter? His name is Blunck…

So, I missed a vowel. Yep, you perpetuate questions that can’t possibly answered since they are conspiracy stuff and supposed understandings that have never been made known.
I, on the other hand, give precise answers with facts that are known. No conspiracy needed :slight_smile:

for example?

Everything I’ve ever written ;)-

You should watch the BYU Sports Nation today. Listen to LaComb’s response to your insane question why Baxter didn’t start earlier. That exact question came up and was answered. It was Baxter himself wasn’t ready and he knew it. He hadn’t learned the system to where he was reacting rather than thinking. Exactly what I have been saying. Watch it :slight_smile:

See, this is what I’m talking about when I use real facts rather than what you, Jim and others do like guessing, conspiracy, assuming and so on :slight_smile:

You aren’t sharp enough to realize that is exactly what the coaches are going to say… anythying to cover up mistakes and smooth it over to make themselves look good. They have been saying this same nonsense for years… players aren’t ready, etc. and it’s nonsense. You claim it is some kind of factual evidence… what a joke.

Grasshopper is the kind of fan that coaches love, will follow blindly, believe everything they say even when the eye test says something different and wears dark blue goggles that don’t allow them to see anything. That is the grasshopper fan.

Except Baxter said the same basic thing. And, since you can only respond with your own opinions that have no factual basis, I win on this. If you can provide evidence for your ridiculous comment, then you have a leg to stand on.

The one missing piece here is that you don’t get it (somebody tell me if they’ve never heard me tell grasshopper that before). Of course he is going to say what the coaches and team want him to say. This aspect of the situation is beside the point.

The only thing proven here is that we are experiencing yet another season gone by the wayside. How many in a row do you want before you finally acknowledge that the program is mired in mediocrity and going nowhere?

You have NO actual facts to back up anything, only your opinion based on what somebody said. Not being ready is not a FACT, it is an opinion.

You still have not addressed the Luke part of this whole equation. Since none of this is factual, what is your opinion regarding whether Luke W. was ready for prime time or not? Rose seemed to think so because he made him a team captain and started him the majority of the season.

You won’t speak to this at all and that says a lot.

I have nothing more to say on this except to tell you to stop saying your opinions are facts. They are not facts any more than anyone else’s. These are all opinions unless you start bringing stats into the discussion. Those are facts. How you interpret those stats are opinion. Your opinion about what was said about Baxter is your opinion and not factual, just like mine and everyone elses.

The reason why my statements are facts is because the statements aren’t my opinions. They are from the mouths of the players themselves and the coaches themselves. It was what they knew to be true. Baxter knew he wasn’t reacting to what he was learning and instead having to think too much instead of reacting. But until the last couple of weeks, he’s reacting properly to what he learned. That’s why he felt he should not have been starting or playing that much until recently. In his own words. Fact!
Not some arm chair coaches who aren’t interested in understanding and state opinions with no knowledge of facts. Just like you did with Hardnett. I’m sure you still don’t think he was injured.

Opinion based on what you heard. The only thing this does is explain why he had a good game, not why he didn’t play more early in the season, not why Luke W. started and played so much, etc. Your analysis, as always, is very simple and shallow. You don’t think anything through and try to figure stuff out. You take statements and then try to make them fit your own dialogue. That is not factual at all.

This is an opinion board so unless you have statistics to use that will back up your opinions, they are not factual. You don’t seem to understand that.

And you still refuse to address the Luke W. aspect of all this. :roll_eyes:

It’s not my opinion. Nor is it the coach’s either. It’s fact based on Baxter himself and the results. We all saw when he got into games that he was lost. He didn’t know where he was supposed to be on both sides of the ball. It simply took hard work on his part to catch up for the 2 years he was on his mission. That work took place in practice. He’s now ready and only a freshman. If you can’t understand this then you aren’t as sharp as I thought you were :sneezing_face:

And neither is anyone else on cougarfan… good thing we have you around to let us know the difference between facts and opinions, among other things.