Zac Wilson had two trainers,

One for throwing (John Beck)
On for everything else ( Dave Stroshine)

BYU Cougars: Zach Wilson’s workout coaches predicted his prowess last summer - Deseret News

Hope you don’t mind me posting these, I know not everyone is in Utah, thought they may like to read what is being written.

They now have Wilson going #2 to the Jets…Barf

The Jets do have a new coach “again”, the first Muslim HC in NFL history.

Was the DC at San Francisco last year…

Isn’t that wierd , I just read that on my news feed. The Jets are a complete mess as are, say, the NY KNicks. They run through new coaches every couple of years. It may be that ownership is to blame.

Yeah, he was a good DC for the Niners but he is walking into a disaster. Feel sorry for him…

I hope Zach has the pro career that Alex Smith had.
14 years, Pro Bowl. Drafted number 1. Fun for locals to follow.

Maybe with changes in management there is a new direction. Time will tell…

Even though it was in the league for 14 years, did Alex play very much? I remember he had a couple of good seasons in San Francisco.

He was a starter for most of his career. He led SF and KC to the playoffs. Unfortunately, he also had a lot of coaches in SF which led him to be traded to KC, under Reid he flourished as a starter, then when Mahomes came, Reid got Smith into a good position at Washington, well until he had the Theisman leg injury.

The thing about Smith that I liked a lot was through it all, he remained low key and humble (at least through observations) never being like some of the players where it all about them.

Although he played for Utah, I always like him for the many things he did help other people.

Some things can’t be fixed, like the Jets organization… :open_mouth:

Agreed Floyd. I always find it difficult to root for a Ute but it gets easier once they leave college. I liked Smith, he was a good football player.

Smith is not a HOF NFL player but he certainly will be remembered as a franchise player in his best years.

As for my comment on the Jets and Wilson, They have revamped their coaching, my concern is OWNERship. Just like the NY Knicks, dysfunction is the reason why pro teams can’t get it together. Too big of egos. The GOAT sure proved that with the Bucs this year.

We will see if the Jets can provide protection and foresight enough for Wilson to flourish.