Zack Wilson's Brother Commits to Insanity

Committing to Utah? Didn’t BYU go after him?

We went after him, but his family is long time Utah Fans.

BYU football: Times have changed since Zach Wilson committed to BYU - Deseret News

“BYU offered Isaac on Feb. 25, 2021, and certainly made a play for his services. But the Cougars are in a much different place than they were in 2017. Sitting behind Slovis is the nation’s No. 1 junior college quarterback [Jake Retzlaff](BYU football: How Jewish QB Jake Retzlaff is adjusting to life in Provo - Deseret News) according to ESPN, who was attracted to BYU because of Wilson and Hall.”

I will be honest; I am not sure I would want him to come to BYU. According to some people I know he has an attitude of entitlement and a bit of a Primadona.

A lot of people said Zach Wilson had an attitude. I think a lot of these kids who are lavished with attention because they have athletic talent are prima donnas. They tend to get an inflated opinion of themselves because of all the unwarranted adulation they get. Football players are a lot like Hollywood stars. They tend to think that because they have a talent people find entertaining that they are somehow making some significant contribution to humanity. They aren’t. If Tom Brady, or Michael Jordan, had never been born most of our lives wouldn’t be significantly different. If Churchchill hadn’t been born Great Britain might be speaking German today.

Bronco had the right attitude about recruits. Treat them like humans and not some sort of gods. Maybe he would have won more games with a different approach but if all coaches took that approach we wouldn’t have a bunch of 18-21 year old kids with a largely overvalued talent thinking the world revolves around them.

That makes sense. You can take the the insanity out of Utah fans for a season but you can’t take Utah fans out of insanity. I think we are pretty deep. Maybe he will think twice when he gets there. Is he starting or will he go on a mission?

Zach had a very good attitude for athletics. He worked extremely hard and it showed on the field. Practice hard and you will look better on the field and coaches notice this. He always went the extra mile in all that he did while at BYU. I’m sure his brother will do that at Utah but it’s Utah. Hopefully, he will see the light shining south of SLC.
As far as using Brady or Jordan as an analogy for Churchill, I wouldn’t do that. Brady and Jordan were also top notch at their work ethics and preparations for battle.

The Wilson family is not very active in the church accordingly to my sources.

i would not be surprised if his brothers transfers to Utah.

My whole point was that Brady and Jordan didn’t
do anything special in terms of the big picture. They were entertainers. They worked hard and were the best at what they did but in the grand scheme of things what they did wasn’t very important. They weren’t Churchchill, Washington, or Lincoln. If they hadn’t been born some other jocks would have been the talk of the town. My point is that athletes aren’t that important in comparison to the great men of history and we give them a false sense of their own importance when we give them more respect than they deserve. What do they do other than entertain us?

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that is all true Scott, but Zach ws ever much the prima donna.

many of the players loved his abilities, but not his attitude of his self importance.

Well, they entertain us. Takes our mind off of the stress we all go through. They create business and jobs for thousands maybe millions in the food chain of things. They aren’t more important than others but do their jobs. They also give hope to those who seek greatness and to do their very best. They teach hard work pays off. That doesn’t mean what Churchill did wasn’t important. But, it’s in an entirely different area. Same with all great political leaders (not Biden).

Reed obviously wins this debate. Most people know you can’t put athletes on any level close to great heads of state who led during difficult times–especially war.

Yeah Aro, you don’t know what you are talking about. The grasshopper knows everything about everything. He is inside the inner circle of every significant organization that has ever existed. Just wanted you to know your insightful, logical opinion has no place here on Cougarfan. :rofl:

But you can keep trying to make your point, I appreciate it and value your opinions. Also, saying those two athletes prepared for “battle” diminishes what those who had to do real battle in war did. Sports is not a battle, it is a contest of athletic skill.

Seriously Scott? Being a professional athlete can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. However, a stark 78% of them will go broke after just 3 years of retirement. Not very smart.

They give us a “false” hope of being great. The reality check is that according to a study by the NCAA, only about 1% of high school athletes go on to play professional sports ONE PERCENT!

I remember during an interview with Jag’s (at the time) Cam Newton as to why he went back to college and earned a degree. His response was "I promised my mom I would do that even before he went to Auburn to play football. His mom told him “Sports is a short-term solution, but education can last a lifetime”.

Brady and Jordon entertained millions; Churchill SAVED millions of people lives. Which one do you think is more important?

One last thing, Brady and Jordan might be great athletes, but not necessarily great men. But people like Pat Tillman, Ted Williams, Yogi Berri, Bob Feller, etc. were GREAT MEN because they sacrificed everything to serve others.

I would bet it is far less than 1% of high school athletes that go on to play professional sports. If the study was done by the NCAA then maybe it was 1% of college athletes that go on to play professioinal sports? I can’t believe that 1 out of every 100 kids who play sports in high school goes on to do so professionally.

No way.