1-17 from 3’s…really bad

This is going to be a long season. SDU makes their 3’s while BYU is 1-17 with 16 minutes left. Bad play bad defense

My addiction is BYU sports. I now feel that I need to enter an addiction recovery center.

Do you know what the total % for the season is? I’m guessing less than 25%.

BTW. SDU lost to Wisconsin by 26, Costal Carolina by 7, Mississippi St by 37 and Sam Houston State by 31 at home. A real murderer’s row.

Teams seem to get up for BYU that we should win easily. SDU shot very well and had wide open shots too.

Our team is a real mess right now.
Good: Hall with 14 points on 9 shots, 6 Asst and 0 TO.
Bad: all other BYU players.

Worst: any game officiated by Randy McCall (the old guy who could barely make it down the court) is played 6 v 5, and the young guy with the black hair May be the single worst official I have ever seen, ever, including dads volunteering to work middle school games. He was horrific last year and I was hoping he wouldn’t be back, but alas.
Just a couple calls from his highlight reel: Example 1: Waterman dishes for a dunk, obviously and purposefully avoids the charge, no contact, defended flops, and black hair winds up to call the charge like it’s the biggest call ever.

Example 2: near the end of the game, SD guy trips himself, falls on his face, and black hair calls Hall for a mystery foul.

Exhibit 3: SD guy dribbling and leans into BYU player, then SD big CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY hip checks BYU player into SD dribbler, and it’s somehow a foul on BYU.

These were all critical calls at critical times. They all went against BYU, by the same ref, and I’m not sure if that guy is as biased as the crew chief, or if he’s simply a complete moron who knows nothing about officiating.

None of these games really matter for a team what will best case finish 20-11 and worst case 16-15, but these horrifically bad Rec League refs make it really hard to watch these games.

7-33 three point shooting. No defense for most of the game. Missed several layups and 2 footers. Refs will be refs. But we can and should overcome them and could have easily done so.

HAHAHA, I feel ya.

BYU has nobody to blame but themselves, They had the height advantage at EVERY position and yet they continued to clang away at 3s. Good teams know that when the ball ain’t droppin, you go inside draw fouls and get layups. Pope got no one to blame but himself on this one. I saw this coming 10 minutes in when we were 0-7 from 3land.

Someone really needs to take Waterman to basic training with some marines, seriously, toughen up dude, work inside. A Midget can hit 25 footers… 6’11 is best used inside of 10’. The WORST thing that could even happen is Waterman hitting 5-5 from 3land.

For that matter, Robison could use basic training as well.

I have been saying if for years, Stewart is a foul a sec… I’d make him do run ladders until he quits defending with his hands and starts defending. Geez.

Curious George had a great last two games, he was due his usual disappearing act. Geez!

Foos has 12, he should of had 26.

I’ll take Richie Saunders hustle all day long.

Rudi is really working on OTs, proud of him, 3 is bad but way better then 8 or 9 a game.

Hall is the future, build the team around this young stud.

In Summation. 7-33 from 3 when you are longer, better, stronger at every single position? This game was a coaching disaster!!! You ain’t dancin this year. You ain’t even getting 3rd in the rec. League this year.

We need to press from the start of the game. We are always in lala land for 45 minutes. Working hard on defense will transfer to the offense effort. I agree that when shots aren’t going down, go inside We possible.

Whenever I feel the basketball team is down, I remember my sophomore year when Danny Ainge’s freshman team lost to Idaho State University (I believe it was the only game in his BYU career where Ainge didn’t score double figures). BYU may have lost to ISU but rebounded to play in the NCAA tournament the next three years. Okay, so it helps that the 1978 recruiting class included three future NBA players.

The point is disappointments have a way of turning around…maybe not this year …maybe not next (Big 12 here we come) …but one day…perhaps even during my lifetime.

Watched BSU/Texas A&M-BYU loses that game. Tom is optimistic (16-15) I don’t see a winning season. Didn’t like Rudi taking the last shot🤔 but who would I prefer??? Probably Hall-at least hit the rim or backboard. Another gutsy comeback, but should never have had to

He shot the ball with 3 seconds remaining. Time to have shortened his dribble and drive in for a layup or fouled. At least go up strong for a three shot instead of off balanced