10/3/17 CBS 1-130 College Football Rankings. Guess where BYU is?

BYU has hit a new low, of which I have never seen below.

The teams we played, (along with our new standing), as of today. CBS 1-130

#9 Wisconsin (around the same from start to now)
#21 Utah (a few points better than their start, but close)
#32 Miss. St down from #21
#48 LSU down from #12 when we played them (They have to be crying as much as us now as they have lost more. We never had that much to lose.
#55 Boise state up a few from #60.
#79 Utah State up from #93 when they beat us.

101 Hawaii
102 BYU
105 Fresnno St
110 UNLV
113 E. Carolina
125 San Jose St.

Below 130 / FCS / Portland State

So far, Portland State has been the only team we could beat
Last week game vs Utah St. we were down to our 3rd and 4th string QB’s that never snapped a college ball.

We still have a chance, if there are no upsets of finishing with a 6-7 losing season and no bowl, if we are lucky.

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