10 Takeaways from Wagner

  1. Almost if not all FBS teams play an FCS team; it’s actually good to do it mid year when guys are banged up, instead of weeks 1-3 like everyone else.
  2. The FBS team pays the FCS team. My guess is about $30 million from these games is transferred each year from FBS coffers to FCS coffers. FCS teams are an important part of their own respective campus culture and college experience, and without this money many would close their programs.
  3. Mangum is healthy; with a bye week he will be 100%.
  4. The Wagner families and friends got to see their kids on TV (University of Portland fans commented to me last year how much they love BYUTV because otherwise they are never on TV).
  5. Francis Bernard made another open field cut that left a DB grasping at air. As Bernard gains confidence he’ll be awesome.
  6. I think it’s great that the practice players–who mean a LOT to our team–get a chance to get out there for real snaps.
  7. We won,and we looked good doing it; don’t laugh. Portland State has beaten two FBS teams this year; several others have beaten FCS teams, and many games have been too close for comfort for the FBS team. Oregon’s D was positively shredded this year by Eastern Washington, whose two brand new QBs combined for 37/55 and 438 yards.
  8. Wagner is on Staton Island, the only of the 5 boroughs that generally espouses the same conservative values most of us share.
  9. School of Rock, a film masterpiece, was filmed at Wagner.
  10. Hoops season is almost underway, and I’m excited for our post game. We could have one of the legitimately best rebounding teams in D1, after struggling there all last year. We all know what KC, Austin, and Kaufusi can do, but don’t sleep on Kyle Davis and Jamal Aytes–they are not beanpoles, and they are both physical and have a nose for the ball…

Well, the AP and Coaches gave us no praise. They saw them as more like a Junior College. We dropped in both polls. Being Indy it would be better to play a D-1 that is terrible.

Yes Grasshopper,

Indeed, BYU would have a better than 8 /4 chance of winning, playing the bottom 3 teams of The Pac 12, The Big 12, The Big 10, The ACC, and the SEC. That would be 15 teams to choose from in a 12 game season.

BYU would be playing a full P5 schedule and truly seen as a Independent P5 team, like Notre Dame, because of their schedule being seen as an Independent P5 schedule.

The AP Top 25 Poll, week 9, advanced the #27 team, Mississippi State, into the top 25 because of their SOS this last game, while they dropped, BYU with their 70-6 win down from 28 to 29, also because of their SOS schedule.

Others Receiving Votes:
Texas A&M 73, North Carolina 46, Southern Cal 33, BYU 18, Georgia 17, Wisconsin 15, Northwestern 10, Appalachian St. 6, California 5, Washington St.

I believe that playing a respectful schedule, to start with, could render us no worse than a 8-4 season, which is far more respectful than a 10-2 season playing G5 teams even without the FCS team attached.

Later as we become accustomed to playing those P5 teams, week after week, instead of going for the 9-3 season or 10-2 season, go for the bottom 5 teams of each of the P-5 conferences until we can pull of consistant 8-4 seasons.

Again, instead of going for the 10-2 season, go for playing any all teams from top to bottom from each of the P5 teams until we can reach the 8-5 seasons.

Next it will be time to go for the juggler and go for all wins if not 10-2, 11-1, or 12-0 and perhaps another shot at the Heisman and another shot for a National Championship.

We must never, ever, ever, for any reason, play another FCS team. The polls don’t like it and they don’t accept it as they dropped us from # 28 to #29 for winning 70-6 vs a FCS team, Wagner State.

Playing that game was a lose lose lose situation for both teams. Shame on our defense and DC for allowing 6 points vs. a winness 0-6 FCS very poor team below #257 in the rankings. We lost respect from those AP, Coaches, ESPN polls. We lost respect from those that watched the game. We had a record amount of empty seats at LES. It was the most boring game that i ever watched on TV. Too many players for Wagner State was needly injured. There was nothing to be proud of. It was a shameful David and Goliath situation, but not allowing David any stones or any sling or any protection. We destroyed all the glory from the Nebraska, Boise State, UCLA games. That win vs. FCS Wagner was worth than our loss to Michigan.

JUST SAY NO to ever again playing a FCS team. If playing FCS team in order to have the opportunity to play a Missouri type team, JUST SAY NO> It would be better not to play Missouri under those circumstances.

Aside from the Disaster scheduling of that FCS very bad Wagner State, thanks for the best of the last 11 seasons that BYU has ever had. Thanks for the best coaching that BYU has had in the past 11 seasons.

So much for the earlier immature lectures in the earliest of the past 11 years when our HC had to lecture to all the other much more experienced coaches in the Nation and where he was on his mission, that we Never Run up Scores.

“These are just kids that we are playing against”. Our HC said. It Is Immoral to run up the score vs these kids.

Next we came home at beat UCLA 59-0 and now Wagner State 70-6, and yes, in each case, when we were far enough ahead, we used many of our back ups including vs Wanner, our QB.

Yeah, but don’t the rankings only matter so as to get a big six bowl? I’m not even sure of the rules, but to qualify for one of those games, wouldn’t we have to finish top 12 and ahead of any other non power 5 conf champions? So ND, Memphis, Houston, Temple, and Toledo would all have to falter and then even 10-2 would likely not get us in top 12 anyway. So in my mind the only realistic goal we can have regarding rankings is to finish in top 25, and we will do that if we win out.

Two good post Larimer. BYU did its duty and we played well. I hope that Algie Brown is OK. That stupid 75 MM howitzar George Q. Cannon should have been back another twenty yards.Stupid is is stupid does.

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The last time I saw (several years ago) this canon was on the concrete pad at the NE corner in the stadium where no one get near that thing. You think one or two ROTC guys would have tackle Algie Brown before getting hit in the head. Good grief.

Top 25 Is important for recruiting and for next year’s preseason rankings. Very important to ESPN too!

A) Because of the changes made for the Missouri game, they had to adjust their schedule
B) this is mid season and because of A) there was no D-1 available for that time slot, Wagner was…
C) it is always easier to see the grass is greener from the Armchair QB position.


agree Floyd. Everyone thinks they have the answers n retrospect.

It’s too easy to sit on the couch and criticize BYU playing a school like Wagner.

The benefits far outweigh the negatives for everyone involved.

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Let’s not forget that top teams in top conferences regularly schedule 1-3 “easy” opponent to include FCS schools. I suggest it is not the worst thing in the world if we played 1 FCS every year. Yes, only playing top 10 teams and beating them all handily would be nice but who has the magical fairy dust to make that happen? By the time we played Michigan we looked like the walking dead if ya’ll remember.

After a tough run of games and lots of injuries to key personnel, a chance to practice some execution, try a few new plays, lightly use some players, rest others, and let back ups get some time is OK. Again, do your homework and you’ll find most of the best teams have some of these games on the schedule so we ought to hate on them just as much as hating on our boys.

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Yeh everyone knows that the big guys play FCS teams as part of their practice schedule. Problem is I agree with Ron-we would be better off playing a beat down team in division one and pasting them rather than Wagner. But, I don’t have to do the scheduling so it’s probably harder to find a game right now when teams are in the meat of their conference schedule and the other problem is that the big guys are already big guys and we are trying to become a “big” guy so Wagner hurts us more than say LSU:) I did enjoy watching Hoge and seeing that he could actually throw a football and seeing Detmer get some time too, even though I will wager a hard earned dollar that one of them if not both of them are off to greener pastures. Not sure whether Hoge or Detmer are LDS and are considering missions, but it might do themselves some good and the football futures some good because I don’t seen anyone replacing Mangum unless he get’s injured.

I don’t understand the crying and wringing of hands. We played Wagner, get over it. For those who insist that we play 12 top 10 teams each year until we build ourselves up to being a top 10 or top 5 team ourselves. Stop lickin those stamps man, that’s a real gone fantasy and a bad trip. And football schedules aren’t like lifting weights, you don’t get stronger by lifting way past your limit all of a sudden. You just get injured.

Getting stomped to a bloody pulp by Michigan hurt us much worse than playing Wagner. After that Michigan game the CFB decision makers, on and off the field, could once again smile broadly, wink to each other and say to themselves and / or each other, “See there, told ya Bo Diddley Tech is a nothing team.” We’re the equivalent of Cubs fans, the perennial, “Wait till next year.”


I agree with the last statement about being Cubs fans. Fortunately it hasn’t been 100 years since BYU won a title and regardless of what anyone says, BYU won it and end of story.

The “wait till next year” thing is so true and it happens in basketball too. Now we are hearing about the basketball team being so great (they have the former high school coach at LP as an assistant now) and how they will be successful and I have only one thing to say. Get back to me when it actually happens…

That was well said Roy!

The only reason we played Wagner was because Missouri change the date to play BYU at Arrowhead stadium…

So Tom had to scramble to find the open slot… Wagner was available… needed the money… so we played them.

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No doubt about the reasoning - being independent is going cause those kind of scheduling problems as otherwise we are in the middle of our conference games

I agree Roy.


I fill a bit schizophrenic replying to your post, as I agree with everything you said in it, but disagree that playing Wagner is good for BYU.

I agree that FCS teams need a chance to play mid majors, just as much as mid majors need a chance to play P5 conference teams.

I do feel a bit hypocritical wanting us to play P5 conference teams, but not wanting us to play
FCS teams.

I agree that for a FCS team to play a mid major team puts extra cash and extra interest into their University and team, must like playing P5 conference teams, put more money and more interest into our university and team.

While I understand that which is good for the Goose, should be good for the Gander, I feel that taking the extremely selfish road that I choose to take is a necessary evil for someone such as us, that is virtually trapped between being a mid major which we desperately do not want to be any longer, and being a P5 conference type independent team which we have not yet earned the title of.

I believe that we, different for all but possibly 6 other mid major conference teams, i.e. Houston, Cincinnati, Connecticut, FCU, Boise State, and 1 or 2 others, must, if we want to be chosen for the next P5 conference opening, must set ourselves aside from all other G5 teams, and more so than any other P5 team, increase as SOS, and play well against that increase SOS, and follow all the rules of the P5 conference and do not do, or say, or act like any other G5 conference,

Yes, the other G5 teams can and should play FCS teams. Yes, maybe, P5 teams that are well respected anyway, may at times, but not often, play FCS teams, but teams like BYU and the 6 teams mentioned above, must avoid at all cost, playing FCS teams if we want to be among the few chosen to get into the next vacancy of a P5 conference,

Yes, I know all about the money talks. This is more about money, geography, ratings, tv contracts etc than anything else. Ya, I get it. But I still believe that the more we look like, act like, schedule like, play like a P5 conference team, the better our chances are for getting into a Pr conference team when there is an opening.