100 Greatest BYU Football Games

In honor of BYU’s 100th anniversary season this year, I recently started a new blog on BYU’s 100 greatest games. Although I’ve been using this site for years, I never created an account until recently. When I did, it said something to the effect that I’m on some sort of probationary status since I’m new. Would posting the blog address here qualify as spam?

Just post it. I have never seen any policing going on here.

As for BYU’s greatest games. Miami ranks #1
The 1st ever ESPN game against Pitt-top 5 easy
BYU over Mich. for the title, top 5
Hawaii with the leap to stop them in the same year, top 10
BYU over Okla in the new Tx stadium, top 5
Byu -Baylor top 5 if BYU makes a NY6 game, otherwise, top 10

The National Championship win is definitely #1.
SMU should be included.
The first win against Utah
The 1979 and 1996 Texas A&M games
The Cotton Bowl victory
The Missouri Holiday Bowl
A couple of games from the Carter / Sheide era (there must be some that were significant)

Insofar as greatest 100 games: BYU has certainly won more than 100 games but has it even had 100 great, unforgetable games?

my brain fart, duh. SMU holliday bowl, easy #2 win

I agree with Fish on all those top games. I would throw in the Utah victory in SLC in LaVell’s last game and maybe the Cotton Bowl win in 96.

I agree that the number of TOP games might be only about 30 or 40 in number.

For anyone interested, you can find the blog at centennialcougars.blogspot.com
As far as the nominations for best game are concerned, all of the games mentioned made the list (except Baylor since it only goes through 2021). As for the order, they will be revealed day-by-day until we get to #1 sometime in early December.

One of my favorites was Arizona St. in 1974 when Sheide was QB. The Cougar win set BYU up for a conference championship and first ever bowl game. AZ ST. had a stranglehold on the WAC at the time and BYU broke it that year. I was at that game at the then Cougar Stadium as a student.

Another one I will mention was from the pre Lavell days when Virgil Carter ran up 599 yards of total offense against Texas Western (now UTEP) in 1966. Texas Western was actually pretty good in the mid sixties. Carter smashed the single game NCAA record for passing yardage in a game (over 500) and total offense record for one game. Those marks have been topped several times since but at the time they were mind blowing stats in an era just a few years removed from one platoon college football. Carter was a Steve Young type who could throw the ball and had great mobility. He was a starter for a few years in the NFL.

These games were a long time ago but they were big ones at the time and I believe deserving of being in the top 100.

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Both made it into the top 100.

Actually, I had to narrow down my final list from about 120 candidates. Maybe they aren’t all unforgettable wins (a few candidates were actually losses or ties), but they all were historically significant for one reason or another - whether it was beating a ranked team, winning the conference title or a bowl game, breaking an NCAA record or a dramatic 4th quarter comeback. The fun part was reliving, or in some cases discovering, some of the greatest moments in BYU history.

I looked your blog and thank you for your efforts on it,

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We’ve reached the Top 10 greatest football games in centennialcougars.blogspot.com
For those who are interested, today’s post is #9 11/24/00 - LaVell Edwards’ last game: BYU – 34, Utah - 27**