105-78 over Rice

Except for Nevada, Rose has scheduled a better team each time they play. And, BYU keeps blowing teams out and their offense continues to get better and better. Defense is doing pretty well too. See if we can continue to improve as the teams we play are better like Houston on Saturday.

I have a couple comments about the game tonight. Rice put up a poor effort in this game. The game was boring and uninteresting, no challenge from the Owls. They had absolutely nothing inside and their effort was weak.

Also, the height of the players for BYU as listed is not accurate. I was at the game and I actually saw that Baxter kid at a hamburger place after the game and if he is 6’8" then I grew 2" overnight. Even in his shoes he didn’t look like he was 6’6" so they need to be accurate in their listings. Yoeli is only 6’8" because of his hair that grows straight up.

I will reserve judgement on this team when they have played someone decent. So far that one team is Nevada and they lost convincingly. It will mean more when they beat a team like Duke… who lost to Gonzaga today.

The rice game, Lee gets three minutes and scores 5. Worthington gets four minutes and score is zero. They had no solutions for child’s. TJ continues to be exceptional against small players and Hardenett was nearly perfect. Nixon stats don’t show how much he hustles and disrupts passing lanes.

I love how well Harding has picked up the game he’s going to be a star

It’s well established that people do grow something in their middle age. Especially their noses.
Most coaches miss state hight of their players. But, I think your shoes were either fitted with inflated insoles or you just aren’t seeing well these day :slight_smile: Yeoli is 6’8” and I don’t know about Baxter. I do know Ainge started out listed at 6’6” and ended his career at 6’4”. No big deal. The other schools do the same.
Rice was by far a better team than we played so far including Nevada. They ran their offense well and shot well. Their defense wasn’t any different than Nevada’s except we made a lot more open shots against rice. And, we didn’t run out of gas at the end either. We played well for 35 minutes against Nevada. Just missed a ton of shots at the end. I like our team. Fantastic team play and the passing was great! Houston will be another step up from Rice. Should be great!

We continue to get better. Bench players are getting court time. I like what Rose is doing so far.

Are you trying for the most ridiculous comment of the year again?

If Rice plays Nevada this season I will give you 100 to 1 odds on that game and Nevada will destroy them. Likewise, if there is anybody on this board who reads grasshopper’s comment about Rice being a far better team than Nevada and doesn’t think it is the most inane comment you have ever read, please let us know.

You truly have no idea what you are talking about and your basketball viewing and analysis skills are the worst I have ever known.

Rice a better team than Nevada… LOL!

Facts prove otherwise. Rice out shot Nevada. If we play Nevada again we win :slight_smile:

Thank you for proving my previous post as accurate and correct.

And oh, by the way, Nevada is ranked #5 now so you are probably the only person who has this crazy idea that Rice is a better team and that BYU would beat Nevada if they played again.

It takes a sharp eye to know the difference. Only a coach or former coach like Steve Cleveland or Scott Gavenman would know and understand :grimacing:

Rice better than Nevada? Come on Grasshopper-are you doing drugs? That’s one of the most ridiculous comments you have ever made​:thinking::+1::grin: