2015 football season may become BYU's measuring stick

After reading plenty of articles, comments on articles and forum posts for most things related to BYU football (topics such as: last season, BYU’s future as an Independent, whether or not BYU should rejoin the MWC, and so on.), I feel like this next season will either show that the critics are right or blow the doubters out of the water. I think there are three people that could make us a much better team than a lot of people will expect. I feel that the success of our season depends on Taysom Hill, Bronco Mendenhall, and Frank Wintrich.

Taysom should be a no-brainer, but I still feel the need to mention him. After seeing him play healthy last year, I just want him to stay uninjured, partly so BYU does well, and partly so that I can keep watching him play. I imagine that I’m a youngster compared to most of the others that frequent this forum, but I don’t know the last time I’ve seen someone with a greater desire to win. The amazing thing about last year is that he finally had the skills and tools to actually make that happen. While I will forever remember the “Leap of Faith,” a close second for my favorite moment from last year may be when he carried a Virginia defender that was practically horse-collaring him for 5-10 yards before scoring a touchdown. When he was healthy, he was one of the best I’ve seen. And after watching him run skelleys at the Blue-White game this year, I think the talk about his accuracy getting significantly better isn’t just hype. If he stays healthy this year, and if the majority of the offense stays healthy, Taysom should have the skills and tools to lead one of the best offenses in the country.

Bronco is next because he needs to revitalize our defense. Our defense last year was beyond undisciplined, was anything but assignment sound, and didn’t seem to run to the ball. All of these are the trademarks of a Bronco defense. He needs to get the defense to buy into his system. He’s produced some of the best defenses with average players, so long as they fully commit to his system. We may have young guys, but they can be a highly effective defensive unit if they become a Bronco defense. And honestly, they may not need to be as good as some of the defenses past. They need to be better than last season and they may just need to keep pressure off the offense, which may be good enough that opposing teams may have a hard time keeping up with them anyway.

Frank may be the most important piece to this year. One of the biggest qualifiers for how well this season goes is how healthy the team stays. This was the bane of our existence last year, and I will probably cry if it happens again. However, I think that he will live up to expectations. Every time I’ve heard him speak, my thoughts generally consist of: “Well, duh. Why haven’t we done that in the past? This makes perfect sense.” His way of doing things seems to be designed to actively prevent injuries by strengthening the areas that are injury prone and to condition the team for what their roles are and for any weather conditions.

Now, I am willing to admit that I am an optimist during the off-season. I may very well be disappointed when the season comes around. But, I truly believe that our team will be better conditioned, better strengthened and prepared against injuries, be better prepared and perform better on defense, and be led the entire season by one of the most entertaining quarterbacks we’ve seen in a while.


I hope you are right. If Taysom’s arm has improved and he can be an effective passer, it hopefully will limit the # of runs he has. I doubt the D will be improved, but hope you are right, and the couldn’t agree more about the new strength and conditioning program. We were so far behind with our other system and it showed for the last 5+ years. One year may not be enough to see it, but fr what I am hearing it’s a new attitude and everyone loves it.

This interview is one of the main reasons I’m hopeful for the difference he can make. I think the most important of this aside from what Wintrich says is the reaction that Michael Alisa has. Seeing how a former player views this was eye-opening to me.


Nice posting. Thanks.

I believe that if we look good, and look competitive, and scare the other teams, win or lose, vs Nebraska, Boise State, UCLA, Michigan, and Missouri, and take care of business with a decisive win against all others on our schedule that will be the signal that the coaches as well as the players are on the right track and a 8-4 schedule would be much more satisfying to me than those older 10-2 or better seasons vs. much weaker schedules.

I believe that we can and will beat half of the P5 teams on this schedule. Shame on us if we can’t beat the others.


Honestly, there isn’t any outcome that would surprise me this year. The one game that BYU would likely need to be perfect in to win is against Missouri. From what I understand, the other tough teams we play are either rebuilding with a new head coach or some of their big contributors (especially on offense) left last year and they are left with major question marks. BYU should be really good on offense, so if our defense shows marked improvement over last year and we stay healthy, I don’t think that being 11-1 or even 12-0 if we play the game of our lives against Missouri is impossible. Granted, going 4-8 is also a possibility if the wheels fall off the wagon, but I do think we’ll be better than most people are giving us credit for. We have enough proven playmakers on offense and enough raw talent on defense (and maybe even on special teams if Johnny Linehan is able to punt for us) that we could put together a special season. It just remains to be seen.

While I think that a 6-6 season is very possible, I am hoping for a 8-4 season which, with our much stronger SOS, in 2015, would be far more honorable than any 10-2 season that we had prior to 2013.

That’s my opinion and I respect the opinion of others that do not agree with my assessment.