2016 Baseball Verses University of San Francisco

Too bad BYU baseball doesn’t play just seven innings. Again we got beat on Thursday at USF after blowing two leads. Our starter went seven innings and threw 128 pitches. But again the bullpen blew it in the ninth inning.

If they aren’t careful they are going to play themselves right out of the NCAAs. This is killing their RPI. At this rate they’re going to have to win the WCC tournament to get the autobid.

Here we go again…

A BYU team that starts out hot, gets attention and notoriety, grows mustaches, gets a little full of themselves and then starts folding when it matters.

The headlights are coming down the highway and the deer is noticing it…

Sports teams need a psychologist.

There may be other schools and teams out there that do the same thing but I’m not aware of them.

They are also without Buffo in the pitching rotation.

Well, Mike Littlewood’s men did it, they won on Friday and Saturday against USF to take the series two games to 1. Things are definitely looking up. Now they need to win the last series next weekend as well as hopefully beat Utah next Tuesday.

That’s good to know.

Hopefully they can carry some momentum to the next level and win some playoff games.

2/12/2019: It was good to see Mike Littlewood on the BYU Cougar Nation show today. I appreciate his optimism and his knowledge of the game. I hope that the Bat Cats have a good 2019 season. I was really excited to hear about the players and the versatility that BYU has on this 2019 team. Mike is one of my favorite BYU coaches. He seems to know how to put the pieces together and to me his team is always in the hunt because of him.