2019 Recruiting Class

I like it. QB Conover seems like the real deal. After his mission, he should be great. Reminds me of a taller Ryan Hancock.

Javelle Brown, WR. Raw but looks good. 6’1". We’ve had shrimpy WR’s so this will be nice. Think of Todd Watkins here.

Michael Daley, LB. Utah 6A MVP. Total stud. Looks ready to play now. Think of a poor man’s Kyle Van Noy.

A few of the linemen look solid, too. Bruce Mitchell and Brock Gunderson are athletic with great upside.

Many of these guys are going on missions soon. What do you think of the class?

I’ve been lookin at the running back recruits. Nothing pops yet

I agree on the running backs. There are a couple smaller “athlete” types that played some RB in HS, but I’m not seeing any true blueblood RB’s in the class. Of course, there could be a few RB’s returning from missions soon who will be in the mix this Fall.

I noticed the Juco transfer RB also has D1 offers from Little Sisters of Mercy and some D3 school. Maybe he’s an overachiever, but not holding my breath on that one. That said, Katoa is still young, and Algierrs is even younger, and I think Algierrs can be REALLY good–his style reminds me of Harvey Unga; not real fast, but just fast enough, with a really strong body. My son Marcus went to the AF v Bingham game, and Marcus said the AF WR who signed with BYU is FO REAL, as in one of the best HS WR he has ever seen (for other readers, Marcus knows his stuff–we was a pretty highly recruited D3 WR and for several years has been a paid OC in our school district). Marcus went on to say that he thinks the AF QB is a total baller and he thinks BYU should also offer the AF QB a scholarship YESTERDAY and could play him at any variety of positions. Obviously BYU knows all about him, and my source tells me he’s the kind of kid off the field that BYU would want on the roster.

You mean like Lakei Heimuli? He was hard to take down during 1984-1987 years.

Exactly like Lakei. Good comparison. Or Waymon Hamilton.

Ok maybe “exactly like Lakei” is an exaggeration. But that’s the idea. LB are too good today for little guys to survive at RB unless they are super fast, and we just don’t get that guy very often. But the pretty big, pretty fast, super tough guy? Yeah, we can get that guy.

Lakei Heimuli was hard to take down. That one play was fun to watch when I was at the north end zone lower seating level and saw Lakei ran right in the middle which I think it was some 99 yards in the snow storm against Utah. That play really warm me up with great feeling.

That Luc Andrada from Colorado looks good. He runs a legit 10.6/4.4 (100/40). Sounds like he’s pretty raw in football. I’m envisioning him being like a James Dye, though a RB/WR version. Dye was masterful as a punt returner. Right up there with Vai Sikahema. Our two best PR’s ever.

BYU did go after some speed burners. The guys just labeled as “Athletes”. Me likey.

Still worried at Running Back and why would Riley Burt transfer???

I loved that guy… Tough dude… three QB’s goes down in a row and Hancock goes down in the Utah game (cheap shot)… Wonder how he is doing in baseball these days.

Don’t they have some RB’s coming back off missions?

Whatever happened to Ula Tolutau that left school (I mean suspended)?

The last I heard he was at UVU trying to get back to BYU next year…

you are correct on Tolutou.

Here is a very good write up of the recruits and don’t forget to read the Recuiting Timeline below the 1st article.

Ryan Hancock is in the Wiki.
Yeah, I remember that game against utah cheap shot (ACL).
He didn’t play much in MLB, Minor League and 1 year at Japan.

Again, where is the four and five star backs. BYU just can’t get them. They want to play in the SEC, at Notre Dame, in the ACC, some in the PAC-12 and Little 10 (Big 12). But which ot them will come to BYU? BYU is doing a good job at developing OL and DL players and in the secondary like line backers. We got Wilson at QB. But where does all that three and four or five deep depth come at all of the positions? Can BYU come up with these type of players to compete consistently vs. teams with three, four and five 4 and 5 star depth like SEC teams, ND, some in the PAC12 (not competitive with the SEC, ACC). How does BYU get this level of depth???

What if we were one of those P5 league. Can we get those 4/5 star players. Maybe but never compare to Alabama, Oaklahoma, usc, etc in large number. Why, kids are thinking NFL that BYU can’t produce when something is in the way like HC and high academic. Right now BYU is not in the P5 and maybe 1 or 2 might come but Bronco M. didn’t like 4/5 stars players which drive us nuts. One player did not turned out what we saw of this 5 star qb (sorry won’t mention his name).

We were lucky to win the NC 1984. Will it happen at BYU, I can’t say never but it is nill to none for sure the way P5 Commishioner won’t let it happen. Remember 2005 4 teams went undefeated and couldn’t play each other for NC “Texas, USC, Auburn and Utah?” Texas won the NC at Rose Bowl against USC. The polls chose those two schools over Auburn and Utah. If Utah was the only undefeated team would they play in the 2005 NC - Maybe.