2021 Pre-Season Coaches Poll

Not a lot of love for BYU in the pre-season coaches poll. Cincinnati, UL-Lafayette, Coastal Carolina, and Liberty (not to mention the folks up north) all got more votes. I guess you could say BYU is ranked #31 in the poll. I look forward to the team proving them wrong.

The real question is who do they play? I’m sure it’s not like BYU’s schedule

It’s the fact that we have to have a new QB and several key players have left, who are now in the NFL.
THEN you have the eastern media who does not have a clue about anything west of the Mississippi River.

Frankly I like BYU chances of proving these guys wrong

yeah…who cares…pre season as in, we haven’t got a clue.
I would put Alabama and Clemson in the top 5…I would put BYU in the top 40.

BYU football 2021 schedule: Ranking the Cougars’ opponents game by game - Deseret News

USC, Baylor and WSU are road games, that is our Achilles from my viewpoint.

I agree with you, and would also say that until we actually beat Utah again, that game has to be on the list, too. However, I am very optimistic that this will be the year we do it!