2022, Who are the starters and who stays?

Gavin Baxter
Hunter Erickson
Gideon George
Richard Harward
Spencer Johnson
Trevin Knell
Caleb Lohner
Cameron Pearson
Townsend Tripple
Brandon Warr

now add the possible return of Haarms, Barcello and possibly Harding

Caleb Lohner
Ericson would be a 20 win team with:

Harward coming off the bench.
Warr is exsplosive
Baxter could be a starter???

Still looking for that speed and floor general

6-foot-5 guard, Warr was a 3-year starter and All-RMAC 2nd Team at the D2 level

if he can’t be dominate div2 what changes when he lands on an almost top 25 team for Mark Pope?

Warr has one or two more years to play in college? I think you should have two more years because of that COVID-19.

Still looking…Several point guards that can run a high scoring team and defend.