3 Gonzaga players declared for the NBA

Clark, Tillie and now Norvell Jr. all declare for the draft. (I don’t see Tillie getting drafted, he hardly played last year)

Perkins, Crandell and Jones were seniors and are gone. Few has a lot of pieces to replace.

Add Hachimura and Petrusev to the list, if this article is correct.

“Petrusev is the fifth Zag to declare in the last week, joining Rui Hachimura, Brandon Clarke, Zach Norvell Jr. and Killian Tillie. Sunday was the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft.”

I wouldn’t be surprise Gonzaga will win the wcc 2019-2020. Why, Few will find good players pretty quick.

Gonzaga supposedly had a top 10 recruiting class coming in

I believe only Clarke and Hachimura hired agents

At any rate, St Marys has not been mentioned here but I have a feeling that they will be in contention to win the WCC with Few in a down year.

Depends on who Pope can bring along as to what BYU can do. We have veteran players at guard now and guards are the key to winning games.

With Toolson and Haws, Seljaas, Harding, Emery…there is a lot of veterans there. It just galls me that BYU can’t get that 6’7 athlete that can defend and do a little of everything. Grad Transfer maybe

BYU is lacking speed and athletes and no amount of outside shooting will get us the wins necessary to get to the dance.

I expect Baxter to improve dramatically next year, but you are right the front line is thin. I expect help from somewhere. I also expect Harding to play well. Emery I’m not sure what to expect