3 lose in front of BYU

Wake, Auburn and Baylor lose. Does this mean BYU will be #12 and a possible New Years 6 bowl?

chirp chirp chirp…


Very sad…where are the “fans?”

We are worn out over the constant contention and sniping. This is no longer a place for discussion about BYU football. It is a battleground centered around grasshopper and it is the fault of all posters. However, perhaps there is a hidden agenda of which I am unaware.

Then keep it about football. You just made it about me. I’m asking why no comments about the football game. It’s the rest of you that try to attack me, not the other way around.

There it goes, bait in the water.

It looks like fish was contemplating a reply but decided to swim away and not take the bait. :flushed:

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He probably tried to attack and be rude but the site police deleted it… Just like I said.

BYU checks in at #14 in the CFP rankings

Since w\are not in a conference, (P5 or G5), I believe that we would need to be ranked at #9.

Number of teams ranked in CFP by conference:
SEC - 6 (1,2,12,16,21,25)
Big 10 - 5 (4,6,7,15,17)
Big 12 - 3 (9,11,13)
ACC - 3 (10,18,20)
Pac 12 - 2 (3,23)
New SEC - 7 (adds 13)
New Big 12 - 5 (adds 5,14,24, drops 13)

Makes an argument that New Big 12 is a better football conference than existing Big 12 and solidly #3 P5 well behind SEC and only slightly behind Big 10. Any thoughts?

Welp, Texas losing to Kansas this week is catastrophic. That’s right up there with Byu losing the UTEP about 30 years ago

I was thinking the same thing about that UTE joss but Texas losing to Kansas is far worse than that

Kansas was giving Oklahoma all they could handle until late in the game. I have no idea how Texas gave up 57 points to the lowly Jayhawks, overtime or not.