3 plays, 3 turnovers…

What a powerful beginning. How else can we give them the ball?

This is bad.

We were winning games when LJ was playing. Then he hasn’t been used and we’ve lost. Then, he plays the last play in the half.

Yep that is something we can agree on that LJ is the better running back. I don’t know why they don’t play anymore. It makes me question whether or not the coaching staff is able to accurately assess these kids

I don’t know why LJ isn’t the main runner. The offense is pathetic. And I don’t think Retzlaff is the answer. He misses open players. Doesn’t see them nor the defense.

I think he is still injured.

Right now, I am not sure Kalani, ARod or Hill can identify what is “good” talent.

All preseason we heard from these coaches that the talent we had is some of the best BYU has had.

Well Kalani, I don’t think so.