4 star Issac Davis signs with BYU

Four-Star Forward Isaac Davis Commits to BYU Basketball (msn.com)

Only a junior this year. 2 state championships so far. I watched his highlights. Hard to believe I was watching a Jr. HS kid. 6’6, easy 230 lbs. I can’t see any holes in his game. I swear, I’m looking at a Big 12 player.

Great defender
even better passer
beast under the boards, reminds me of Childs in HS.
has a smooth 10’ jumper
can use either hand
runs the floor well and has a great feel for the game.

Davis today rates as the 8th best player to ever be recruited by BYU. Couple that with missionary (highest ever ranked) Collin Chandler and BYU has 2 of its best recruits ever and a great base in 2 years.

If this is what entering the Big 12 looks like, then I’m liking it. Next year will be BYU’s best recruiting year ever. We just beat out Florida by signing Aly. In a few years as this talent makes its way in we might stop asking the question are we going to make the dance? And start asking how far we will go in the dance?