47 total yards. Any questions?

Well, we really have change the way the offense is being run. Go hard go fast. Need some trick plays like LSU is doing.

Tanner is not a run threat like Hill was and he is playing scared. Misreading and poor passing at this point. He is badly rattled and I would give Hoge a chance and let Tanner rest. He’s just losing more and more confidence. Of course sitting him down may also do that.

No reason not to try it. Defense has actually played okay. If we had an offense this would be a more like 17-14 game

Seriously? The only thing good about the defense is that they held LSU to field goals a couple of times instead of touchdowns.

Correct. Bend but don’t break. Had the offense taken up a lot more time, LSU would have even less points. The defense can’t do everything.

27 points and complete domination of the line of scrimmage. That isn’t “bend but don’t break”… that is “broken on almost every play”.

Check the stats on things like time of possession, yards per play, total yardage and other things after the game. I don’t know what they are but I’m guessing it will depict total domination, which is basically what we have seen this game, 27-0 score aside.

LOL! woulda coulda shoulda

Look at the time of possession.
LSU-42 minutes
BYU-18 minutes
You change that to 30-30 and we score a couple of touchdowns. Even the announcers said the same thing. LSU should have been in the 40s and they weren’t. We lost because of the lack of offense.

Last year Tanner sat until Hill got hurt AGAIN. BYU is a mid-major without a conference. This game was an Indy mid-major playing a P-5 giant the LSU Tigers who were at home.
Too bad for BYU, but were were beaten badly by a far superior team with far superior athletes, that is five star players against BYU’s two and three star athletes. Either BYU gets into a P-5 conference sooner than later or we try to survive playing this level of schedule or we decide to go into another G-5 conference like the AAC or help put together a higher level G-5 conference like we tried with the MWC. .

The BYU offense had no fight, Tanner Mangum never looked confident and most of his throws were uncatchable. The defense was on the field way too long and couldn’t stop the extremely fast LSU offense. Something had better happen in the next 6 days, or we spend another season saying, “Wait 'til next year…”

The first 5 or 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter I said to myself I will write on cougarfan board a long list of observations of this game. The first 5 or 6 minutes of the 4th quarter I said to myself, “who cares.”

The athletes we have on defense actually played pretty well. The scheme is terrible. Basically 2 defensive tackles against 6 blockers is a mismatch. DC needs to have a run stopping scheme in his play book. He actually did change the defensive front for 4 plays the whole night when we stopped them on the goal line. Poor coaching on defense and the offense just needs some new faces…,. Primarily at QB. I like Tanner, but it appears the guy is on medication and doesn’t allow him to react quickly. Does depression medication do that to people? He just isn’t a QB right now. I feel sorry for him. We will get killed the next 2 GAMES if he plays. Hodge is going to get his turn. He may have a spark, but all the kid needs to do is get 100 yards of total offense to win over the fans!!

Whoever said Tanner was a consistantly accurate thrower was wrong. He’s not which makes it tough for receivers to know what to expect.

How did we used to win big games against superior talent? A passing attack that confused defenses. We didn’t care if we could run or not. In fact, the pass set up the run. Where did that go to?

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Does anyone else feel like BYU football has become completely irrelevant on a national level. It used to be the most fun team to watch in all of college football, win or lose. With rare exceptions, when in the last 15 years have we felt like that? It’s really hard to accept how bad our offensive design and execution has become, particularly our line and quarterback performance. It’s hard to watch and more and more I find myself watching something else or all together just doing something else - and that’s sad to me because I used to really look forward to the games. 3 hours of boring football from the offense just isn’t worth my time. I can hack losing, but not like this.

We never, ever got into LSU territory the entire game. Pathetic.

I don’t know why the coaches ever thought Canada could replace Williams. It’s time to give Hoge or others a shot at QB. It’s time to get Tolatau in as the featured running back. It’s time to have a variety of pass plays and trick plays. Anyone notice LSU ran several end arounds?
Let’s also be honest about Tanner because he was honest about his performance after the game. He missed several open receivers throwing at their feet. Time to sit him. He wants to get into the NFL. Well, he has to stop thinking about that and start playing like he’s capable of. Sit him and tell him his play is unexceptable. And, no, his medication doesn’t affect his play or throwing accuracy.

I tried to check the stats. But then I vomited on my keyboard and it froze on 'www.ifyouhaveslowerweakerworseguysandyourqbplayslikeitsthefirstgameofhislifeyougetembarrassedonnationaltv.com". So I guess I’ll just have to trust you that those numbers are UGLY. What a debacle.

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Good QB’ are created by good offensive lines…

For the last three years BYU O-line has been sub par.

can not open holes for the RB’s nor can they pass block.

I have heard from a reliable source that coach Emphysema plays favorites… not sure it is true, but after this game I have to wonder.

Hard to know if there aren’t any holes being opened with the running backs we have.
Pass blocking was fine. He was sacked once. Tanner had time to throw. He was just throwing poorly, again. And, when he did throw accurately, receivers dropped the ball. Hit their hands like two rocks.
The offensive scheme is really boring and predictable. New OC??? :slight_smile: