734 total yards!

Hardly a boring game… great P5 win! USC is beatable! Turnovers again was the big number! Allgiers 266 yards!
Defense made adjustments in the 2nd half limiting UV to only 7 points. Nice coaching Tuiaki

Wow, I was surprised. Allgeriers was unbelievable, kind of like Swag Daddy. This was Hall’s best game. Who knows if the UVA QB didn’t get hurt. Our defense was much better tonight in the second half.

The 3 takeaways was the difference. The last one would have happened without the rib issue. The game was in control at that point because UV could not stop BYU at that point.
The adjustment in the 2nd half was going back to the 3-8 defense. One of the players said it made the difference. VUs receivers were elite.