9-3 Season for 2015 football

As a Realistic Optimist,
I see an honorable season at 9-3.

Our losses will be vs. #12 UCLA; #24 Missouri, and #25 Michigan.

Our upset wins will be over #31 Boise State; and #41 Nebraska;
These two gams will be won in the last seconds of each of the game, if not in over time.

We will pull out a win vs. Cincinnati which will be a very close dog fight. We will be going into this game virtually at a PIck with no team favored over the other, but our will to win will put us in that Win Column.

The game vs Utah State will be an anticipated game, but the Cougars will not allow this game to be close.

The rest of the games are won before they are played as those teams are ranked between a high of 79 and a low of 155. These are the no contest games designed to insure us a bowl game and a winning season.

We are better than this. More trust should be put into our Cougars who need the opportunity to show what a good team they really are without padding the deck.

Go Cougars. We are already proud of you. Beat Boise State and Nebraska and keep the games between UCLA, Missouri and Michigan close and put a scare into each of these teams ranked, 12, 24 and #25.

Beat Cincinnati and don’t let Utah State come close. The rest of the season will take care of itself.

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