#9 in both polls

Not a comment about yesterday’s game. What fans… Here we are #9 in the nation and chirp chirp.
Boise game is coming up fast. Biggest game of the year so far!

The Boise State game will determine if we are ranked correctly or not. If we play like we did the first half of the WKU game, we will likely beat Boise State, but if we play like the second half, I don’t think we stand a chance. I think there is a team leadership factor in having Wilson on the field. Can he play four quarters without injury? Will Boise State find ways to cover his favorite receivers? I agree that this game is the biggest challenge BYU has faced so far. It will tell us a lot about our team. Go Cougars!

You do know most of the second half was played by 2nd and 3rd stringers. Coach was quite vocal about how bad they played.
Why bring up injuries?

Great teams win on the road against good opponents. So yes the Big game of the year

I am only asking what we might be concerned about since Zach Wilson, Tyler Allgeier and Dax Milne have yet to play four quarters of football this year, especially if we find ourselves in a very close game at the end of the half. So far this season we have had a comfortable lead by the end of the first half, so we rightly chose to let our second and third string players gain valuable experience against a tired opponent in the second half of those games. What will happen to our starters if they are needed for an entire game? Injuries are only one concern. Tired players make mistakes, commit more penalties and execute plays less precisely. It will be an important test to see how well our team is conditioned physically and mentally. I believe they are up to it.

That’s what practice and preseason training is for. Being in shape. I’m not worried about it. Should be a good game.