A game of runs today

They got up and then we got up by 10 and gave that up with turnovers and missed free throws.

Heard that some of the Roc section was being classless with unhook horn t shirts.

what was impressive is the Pope is the one that put an end to it by having them take them off.

What was impressive was how the coaches changed their minds on the offense. More motion and two-man games getting a lot more 2’s shooting 70% and only 17 3’s at 42%. Still had too many turnovers. Mostly lazy passes or dumb dribbling like Johnson for no reason dribbles behind his back right into. Texas player’s hands.

We played good tough defense as well. Fouss did great. Didn’t play a lot but scores well and defended well. Khalifa didn’t score much but passes well and defended well. Waterman is still playing well.

Agree. Excellent adjustments. Shows upcoming teams we are more versatile than they might have planning on.
This win was HUGE. If we had lost this game statistically it would be difficult getting into NCAA.
This team has been in every game. Impressive!
KU lost again so it is a conference where any one of 14 can beat whomever they’ve playing. Even OSU.

We need to win one of the two upcoming road games. The first is always easiest.