A great Leader passes

I am sad that Elder Scott passed away (three apostles pass in one year, wow)…

I absolutely loved his talks, they always reminded me of a grandfather giving kindly advice to his grand children…

His talks, I would read several times to make sure I understood the doctrine he was teaching…

great man, now he can be together with his sweet wife once again.

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This is sad news. Since he and his wife were responsible for getting my wife to join the Church (she lived just down the street and babysat their kids when they lived in Maryland) and then pursuading her to go to BYU where we met, I guess you could say he was indirectly responsible for my marriage of almost 37 years. We will miss him.

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Hard to believe we’ve lost three this year already. Just a few days before conference starts too. All great men, and I just felt that Elder Scott was a bit unexpected.

That is great. It was destiny that your future wife lived down the street and part of the Lord’s plan.

37 years? Wow, older than I thought. :smile:

BYU sports keeps me young at heart, although sometimes they are hard on my heart.

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