A great story on Bronco

Well worth reading.

Some main points: Bronco has not talked football with Sitake

Bronco sees a lot of similarities between the two programs

Bronco would rather not play BYU in 21 just because there are soo many

Didn’t expect he would, not unless Kalani came to him. That is calling professionalism and I actually think it would have hurt Kalani standing with the fans.

I read the article, I think the reason that Bronco gave for not playing BYU was “Time Zone”. He did not see the reason to fly across the country (either team) and play a game, when within the same time zone Virginia could play a number of quality opponents.

I also saw, where he said it would be hard to coach against the school he has grown to love and appreciate.

I found it interesting that Bronco see his and his wife roles as a “builders”, got to hand it to him, he has done that every place he went.

I also agree independence has several additional drawbacks from ever letting BYU becoming an elite school. Bronco talks about that in the article as well.

One thing interesting, Bronco’s son Breaker is now a football player for Utah State… hmmm, wonder why not BYU?

I know. Now that’s just plain wrong…Who would not want to play for the Lord’s university?

He was not recruited by BYU is the short answer. The way Bronco resurrected the UV program is WOW, just WOW. I have read about the 1st year and just how bad the program had gotting……It would make Bobby Boucher’s mud dawgs look like winners