A Kenyan now a Canadian President

I believe he’s trying to bring the country down to the level of his father’s kingdom, Kenya. His father was a communist and a big reason Kenya went that direction. BO is heading to Kenya again for a visit. Probably to find out more about how to bring down the U.S. because of his relations with Kenya. All it takes is one idiot President who was not born in the U.S. to wreck everything. That is my point. Whether Cruz would do this, I don’t know. Since it’s Canada, I doubt it. However, Canada is still pretty socialist moving back to capitalism.

Do you guys honestly believe Obama is trying to bring the country down? I mean I expect this kind of crazy from grasshopper but I didn’t expect anyone else to go down that rabbit hole.

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No, I don’t think any honest intelligent person thinks this, I think they don’t like him, so they follow the crowd on blaming him for everything, but most are not sincere in their blame of him.

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Its funny how often they casually say things like this then without even bothering to think through what they’re saying. Very weird!

You ever read his book “Dreams FROM my Father?” Yes, he’s trying to destroy our capitalist system and our Constitutional Republic. And, so are many other liberal leftist Democrats. The proof is in the pudding. Race relations have been at an all time low since he took office. He said he could bring the country together. But, he’s divided us not only on political and economical grounds. He’s divided us on race grounds too way more than what it was when he started. Not only that, the atheists (agnostics) have progressed their attacks on Christianity to the point it seems to be okay to start pushing government to make laws against doctrines that churches have like homosexual acts are sin.

Obama himself said he was all about fundamentally changing America. Why can’t you take him at his word and see the destruction he’s made? It’s not that difficult.

I think a lot of dishonest people are closing their eyes and spirits to the facts that show he is all about fundamentally changing America. Something he promised to do in his first election campaign. Are they unintelligent people that don’t care and are either allowing it to happen or are involved with the transformation? I say yes! They never learned from history when communists win and the devastation, poverty and loss of liberty and freedom runs ammuck.

Actually it is kind of difficult to believe if you bother to think about it much, so I understand why grasshopper would think that, I just don’t get why most others would. Seems like he was in the perfect position to destroy the country when he first came into office. All he had to do was keep following the same failed policies that had driven us into two wars and a near depression. Obama really is stupid then for reversing all those policies and fixing the economy. Either that or his cunning Kenyan mind is plotting something far more sinister. Like taking over TX, letting ISIS force us into Sharia Law, and well… just being a commie and stuff!

What has he fixed?

  1. He had the government take over one-sixth of the economy. That’s quickly becoming a disaster!
  2. People are earning less with fewer full-time jobs.
  3. GPD is pathetic.
  4. Debt continues to grow way more under Obama than any President.
  5. Race relations is worse than it has been since the 1950s under this President.
  6. Religious liberty is at an all time low with respect to Christianity and Judaism while Muslims can’t do anything wrong. And when they do if anything is said its immediately hate speech.
  7. We are less safe now because of Obama’s dismal foreign relations showing total weekness.
    I could go on and on. You are clueless with the destruction Obama is creating. Just as clueless you are with respect to understanding the reality of the Holy Ghost and belief in Christ.

I notice a familiar and common theme with the way some people define truth and how or what they accept as truth.

If it fits their way of thinking and/or belief system then it is true.

I would suggest that people actually use the techniques they so often proclaim to be important. Instead of reading some slanted political viewpoint or some agenda based commentary, how about some simple observations… sort of like how scientists go about discovering truth and fact.

Look around and take notice of how many people are actually working a full time job with benefits compared to how many people are part time or go without health insurance or don’t even have a job. How many of these people (and there are a lot of them) use social programs to get by because their income isn’t enough? This is real world stuff, not some phony number manipulating BS that you read about in some bogus magazine.

There are serious problems out there, wake up and prepare for the coming storm.

So true! Way more people are out of work than when Obama came into office! Those ■■■■ statistics lie! And it certainly can’t be true that millions more people have health insurance than when Obama came into office, even though I just saw saw the Republican Sentate Majority Leader admit that on Meet The Press two days ago. What does he know? That’s just not what Jim wants to believe so it can’t be true. All this is just more than obvious to a guy like Jim who thinks facts and evidence are a hindrance to finding truth. How could I have anything useful to say when I won’t ignore those silly facts that are biased against Jim? Now I can’t imagine why Forbes magazine would slant the truth towards liberalism, but dogonit, it doesn’t agree with what Jim wants to believe so it must be so. Of course Jim isn’t projecting his complete inability to reason, not to mention his just general overall nastiness, onto me. Nah!

Nice editing job. Not calling me out by name anymore huh? Just innuendo will do. Classy!

Pot calling the KC (kettle) Black… nice work.

You’ve never edited a post?

My edit was complete before I saw your post, not after.

I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings or something and then be told I needed to apologize. :unamused:

I don’t think people are as smart as they think they are. That is part of the big picture problem with a lot of people. Like I said, so many people cherry pick the “statistics” and “facts” they want to believe and then claim it as “truth”.

And that’s called critical thinking?

I know grasshopper parrots the conservative viewpoint but a lot of others do the same with the liberal perspective, particularly when some supposedly conservative rag makes a claim that backs them up.

Nasty stuff for sure…

Well Jim, since you can’t give it a rest and have called me out on every thread I’ve commented on, and you really need someone to explain what a ‘fact’ is, I’ll help you out. One easy and simple way to tell if something is factual is to take into account the things everyone agrees on. You don’t even bother to do that, so you say things that don’t make you sound very informed like that jobs have fallen under Obama and less people have insurance. These things are factually untrue because there is data that contradicts them that virtually everyone agrees on. You seem to be saddled with the kind of silly idea that if facts come from one source they’re ‘true’, but if they come from another source that you don’t think is quite up to snuff (apparently even when just about everyone agrees otherwise) you are free to completely ignore them. OK for you. I see it differently. Why don’t you drop it now? Stop the silly personal attacks please.

It is factual that more people have left the workforce than any other time of recent history. 93 million to be exact. And, the jobs that people have now are part-time. Not exactly ideal.
As far as health insurance, people have insurance with deductibles too high to bother going to the doctor. Thus, health is at a new low.
Liberals like to distort facts to silence conversations. Exactly the opposite of what you claim you want.

Not silly personal attacks…

This is a reply that might be expected from somebody who thinks they have all the answers… If you spent more time thinking about what I wrote instead of - reacting to what you perceive as a “personal attack” you might gain some insight and understanding to how and why others think or feel differently than you do.

Interesting because that is the very thing that you expect everyone else to do. Well… you’d be surprised to know that a lot of us have been down your chosen path and it didn’t work for us. I’m not saying it’s the wrong path, I’m just saying it didn’t work for us.

Newflash - you don’t have all the answers (and neither do I) and your method for obtaining what you think are all the answers isn’t so tried and true as you believe it is. Perhaps you are being duped or misled by the facts and figures you believe. There are lots of ways to discover the truth, not just the MikeH way.

When did I ever say I had all the answers? When did I say everyone has to do things the MikeH way? If you really think I said than I could understand why you can’t let it go. But since I’ve said the exact opposite many many times I have to question your reading comprehension skills. Maybe you should go back and read what I actually said because apparently you’ve forgotten it or never read it.

Another internet conversation following the predictable path of “I never said that”, “I said the exact opposite” (I love that one by the way), “you don’t understand what you read”, etc.

Such a waste of time…

Yet you seem to have so much of it to waste. Didn’t find where I said that huh? I got a hint for you: That’s cause I didn’t.