A Little Fun at the Utes' Expense

We haven’t discussed it on here very much, but Twitter and several YouTube sports shows have been exploding lately with questions about the Pac 12’s failure to land a media rights deal that takes effect once the present one runs out after this season and whether the Pac 12–which will soon be the Pac 10 after USC and UCLA depart–will cease to exist. Utah Utes have been their annoying selves because if the conference implodes, Utah will be a university without a P5 conference to go to. It’s certainly a topic for a long discussion.

Anyway one of the results of all this Internet/YouTube talk is that ute fans have become the laughing stock of a somewhat large segment of the sports world. Here’s one example from last night. John Kurtz is a YouTuber that used to work for or be the beat writer for Kansas State. He’s one of the Big 12 media insiders. I started following him when he was one of the first to discuss Big 12 expansion and BYU in the summer of 2021. Over the course of the past week or two, he has lost respect for Utah fans. He made a few digs about delusional utes last night. At the end, one Ute named Larry paid (!) $12 to have his comment read on air. Here is Kurtz’s response and slap down. I find it hilarious.

I’ve been fascinated by this story. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I actually hope the pac-12 can pull out a decent deal. I’m not optimistic. Other than the Arizona schools it doesn’t seem like anyone in the pac-12 really wants to be part of the big 12. And I don’t really want to have anything to do with utah. Some of the fans are incredibly annoying.

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A lot of Utah fans are BYU haters as much as they are Utah fans, if not more so.

I think we really have to look long-term and conference layout realignment. The Pac 12 is getting cannibalized and the future is really two super conferences. The big 10 and the SEC. If we really want to play with the big boys the big 12 and the Pac 12 should consider merging, that would create three super conferences that would be in charge of their own destiny. Anything else is subject to the future and the consequences?