A look at linebacker. gets me fired up about the Big 12

buckle up!

Updated Projections for BYU’s Depth Chart at Linebacker (msn.com)

At BYU, the Linebacker has always been a work horse. As our linebacking core goes, so does the defense. And why does adding DC Hill to BYU football give me goose bumps? I guess anything other than Tuiaki gives me goose bumps

For many years BYU has been the QB factory but to a lesser extent, so has byu been a Linebacker factory with guys like Van Noy and Super Star, Fred Warner. With the addition of Hill, we should start to see pressure on QBs again and these are the horses to do it with. Tooley, Benwater and often injured, Ah You. Add to two new comers, Harrison Taggart and Vongphachanh, mix in true freshmen, Ace Kaufusi, Siale Esera and Maika Kaufusi. Anytime you add the name Kaufusi to BYU football, good things happen.

Get after it, Boys!

Oregon Transfer and Former Four-Star Recruit Harrison Taggart Commits to BYU (msn.com)

Interesting side note: It was reported that Ituaki refrained from recruiting players who had multiple P5 offers… thus Taggert went elsewhere.