A look at Popes recruits, rank 'em

How about they just work real hard on their games. The way it looks now, everyone will be getting playing time with the bigs. We still need one more seasoned guard that can play the point.

Wow what a big pick up today which lift up my spirit today thank you.
Gavin Baxter can shoot outside and he can play defense anywhere on the floor with his long wing span arms flyswatting - Check! Baxter and Lee can play fine at the rim while Matthew takes a couple minutes break. Matthew will play far more than 20 minutes per game let’s say 38 minutes. Can Dallen Hall play true point guard? I know DH is leaving to Philippines in July and yes we still need a true Point Guard.
It is a great day to be a cougar fan

I just posted on the other thread that I think Baxter is going to to shift down to play the 3. Harding might even play the 2 with Barcello at the point. If that happens, we might be the biggest team in the country. We won’t be great at outside shooting and we’ll be pretty slow, but we will have awesome size.

Speed kills, baby.

Not enough room for all the big bodies BYU has. Need some fast guards and a floor general.

Everyone seems to forget Gideon George. He can play any position. Baxter will have problems beating him out. George is a much greater prolific scorer and can play defense against anyone. He may be able to run the point as well. We are deep for sure.