A lot of talk about Tanner not picking up Detmer's O?

I wonder how much of this is related to lack of actual game experience?? If there is a problem, I’m sure we will see it in the Poinsettia Bowl. I think that 1) it is hard to come into a game in the 2nd half and come right up to game speed 2) when you are the starter and you practice like you are the starter that will make a big difference, and 3) there is nothing like game experience to get the offense down. I think that this game will be a big benefit for things to come.
Go Cougs!

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Bgeorge2: Good post. Tanner and the 3rd and 4th QB’s need some game reps in the Bowl game. I agree with you, how could Tanner learn the new system when he only did the victory formation in the Mich. St. game, therefore wasting his red shirt season, and mopping up in the last four post P-5 part of the BYU schedule.
Not a very good use of the guy who saved the 2015 season.

A lot of talk about Tanner not picking up Detmer’s O?

Talk from who? Tanner will do just fine. Watch what we do when our maligned receivers catch balls in stride as opposed to ball that were too hot, too late or behind them. Mangum with Williams to keep defenses honest will be fun to watch.

1st play should be a fake up the middle with Tanner hitting our forgotten TE for a good romp