A repeat of the 1980 Holiday Bowl

Just announced. BYU to play SMU in the New Mexico Bowl! I can get up for this. I was at the 1980 Holiday Bowl…

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One cares, anyone else?

I am going to be glad next year when we’re in the Big 12. If we win six games–which is a great possibility even in the Big 12–then we’ll most likely play against another p5 opponent in a bowl that is at worst slightly better than being in the New Mexico Bowl.

For example, 6-6 Baylor is playing Air Force (I know, not P5) in the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth. The payout is $300,000 more than the New Mexico Bowl’s.

That’s next year. This is this year. For better or worst, be fans today. Great matchup!

Anyone who is a BYU fan does!

Just curious. Did you leave the Holiday Bowl when the team was down because you figured BYU was beat? Just wondering. In BYU lore, were you a LaVell Edwards or a Jim McMahon?

We stayed. We were above where Clay Brown caught the ball. We could see Brown on the ground with the ball before the refs called it a touchdown.
There was a guy sitting next to me from Texas. He said he was neutral and just liked watching this game. When SMU went up 45-25 with 3:52 left, he said BYU can still win. The extra point was good, the fog fell down to the field. I looked to my right for the guy and he was gone. Not behind us. Gone. Eerie.
Where were you?

About the 50 yard line to Clay’s left (Jim McMahon’s right), some great seats. I bought tickets as soon as they were available. The previous year we sat about where you were sitting in 1980.

The only time I sat on the 50 yardline was at the BYU bs UCLA in 1983 at the Rose Bowl. I had bought tickets in the end zone but as my brother (UCLA alumni) and I were going in, someone stopped us and said they couldn’t stay and gave them to us at no cost. They were smack dab in the UCLA boosters alumni section. And, I had my BYU jacket on. Got some nasty looks but I cheered when we scored and won.

They will be lucky to win against any team. The OC must go. Offense has no imagination. Same dumb plays.

There’s a basketball game going on right now

I agree, this should be a fun game. It is especially appropriate to finish out the 100th anniversary of BYU’s first football season, since the 1980 Holiday Bowl claimed the top spot on the 100 greatest football games in BYU history: centennialcougars.blogspot.com

Clay Brown was a geology major along with me. We would work out all the time. Loved to wrestle. One day he says to me after a good fight. “Bailey, I would never get into a real fight with you, you don’t quit.” We had two other FB players in the program. Another was Billy Davis, we would always sing, "He’s got Billy Davis Thighs (Betty Davis Eyes) .
Greatest Bowl Comeback Ever? 1980 Holiday Bowl: BYU vs. SMU - YouTube
Billy Davis got robbed of a 45 yard TD (downed on the 1 foot line)

Good Times

Back when the offense had imagination. Chow used his talent. Roderick is use.

I think we need a new IC too. But I’m not a Ute fan like you. And, the coaching was just fine with what we had to work with. Great day to be a Coug!

I’m a BYU fan for life but Utah is better coached. I’m not a Utah fan but I enjoy good football. Last night was boring. After the interception BYU had one option.

There is no doubt that Utah presently has the better program, and that Whit is the better coach.

You’ll recall that after Crowton was fired, Whit was the BYU administration’s first choice to be the new head coach. He and an acquaintance of mine went to the Salt Lake Temple earlier on decision day to attend a session and to pray about the BYU job. When he left, he had pretty much decided to accept the BYU position. However, between the time he left the temple and the time that my friend returned to Pocatello two things happened: One, Whit was visited by his players who begged hime to stay and, two, the Utah administration offered a salary that was three times what BYU was reportedly willing to pay. Whit stayed at Utah. BYU hired its second choice who turned out to be a pretty good head coach.

One other thing: Bronco and Whit hated (strongly disliked) each other. Whit built a traditional program where winning is most important. Bronco built a program based on the mission of the Church. One in which the lives of the young men are more important than winning. Sitake has carried on that tradition for the most part.

I agree. However, if you are to have a team, winning is important as well.

I didn’t say winning wasn’t important, but there are things that are more important.

You can buy anything in this world for money. Goes to the temple and gets inspiration to take the BYU job and goes against it for money. Not inspiring…But, no judging. We got Bronco and did well and brought stability.